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Jan 21, 2012 11:49 AM

Anyone eaten at Gaudi near U Village? Opinions please?

My parents have dined there severa times, and have invited me to join them their tomorrow evening for a Spanish winemaker dinner.

I had not head of this place until it came up in conversation with them over the holidays.

Not seeing any reviews or comments about it after using search function, so curiuos what my expectations should be.

Yelp has mostly good comments on food, but meh on lighting and service from what I read.

I usually think my folks have pretty good taste, as well travelled and dining is a big focus at home and when travelling, and dad a knowledgeable wine hound.... curious tho what the local Chowhound take is.

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  1. We had some wine and tapas about a year ago. It was Ok, havent had a full meal there yet, but the chef is from Spain and they were very nice.

    1. I thought it was ok. No real raves, but nothing terrible. I'd stick to tapas, though, as I remember the paella not being great. I didn't have issues with service (maybe it was alittle slow, but nothing abnormal) or lighting.