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Jan 21, 2012 11:45 AM

How early for Sunday brunch to avoid a long wait?

Sunday brunch (tomorrow) for 5 at a somewhat small casual place like the Neighborhood, Spot Cafe, City Girl Cafe, Cafe Luna, Ball Sq Cafe or even the Friendly Toast. How early would we need to get there to not have a long wait? We really do not want to meet until 11ish...
Do any of these place make reservations?
And should I take any off my list as either too busy to consider or too crappy food-wise?
Any other suggestions in a similar vein? I don't want to do East Coast Grill or Henrietta's Table or Blue Room. Think casual.

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  1. You would need to get there prior to 11 to avoid a wait at the places you mention. I would try for 10a to be safe. I don't think those places take reservations, but you can easily confirm that yourself with a quick yelp or google search.

    1. You have a good list, I would do the friendly toast. Enjoy

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        I would add Family Restaurant in Brookline and Victor's Diner in Watertown and think you might not have a wait at Family. I think Spot Cafe is the best one on your list but it isn't large.

      2. Just to follow up - we ended up at Highland Kitchen. Got there about 10 minutes before they opened at 11 and were seated right away when the line moved inside.
        I had not been before and chose Shrimp and Grits. Four shrimp on a puddle of grits with vinegary collard greens, bacon and some mushrooms. It was so-so. Too much vinegar and possibly lemon on the mushrooms(?) for my liking. But the service, atmosphere, etc were great. Others in my party were quite happy with their food choices so I would go again and pick something else to eat.