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Jan 21, 2012 11:01 AM

Scottish Cultural Center in Troy [DTW]

I have no reason to forecast that the food will be good, but the Kilgour Scottish Centre in Troy--the old Mountain Jacks on Rochester Rd.--is having a special pub night next Saturday 1/28 at 7pm. It is a “celebration of Scottish poet Robert Burns,” with the proceeds to go to Selfridge AFB spouses whose partners are on deployment.

Haggis (got me skeptically curious), Scotch eggs and pub foods will be served. Humorously (unintentional?), the suggested attire is “period costume (18th Century) or kilt casual.” Music is by St. Andrew’s Pipe Band and there will be a woman performing traditional Highland dances. Who is going to go take one for the team and check it out for 2012? $18.

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  1. I'm Campbell so I guess I must go.

    1. Being born in Scotland I would love to take this one on for Burns Night, but have have a cousin visiting next weekend from Scotland via Jakarta...I'm pretty sure the last thing he wants to eat is a haggis or black pudding. I do love both and would imagine that Ackroyd's is probably the supplier.

      1. I was born in Scotland and would love to take this one on, but have a cousin visiting next week from Scotland via Jakarta. I think the last thing he would want to have while visiting the states is haggis, black pudding, etc...although I like them both. I would imagine that Ackroyd's is providing the products.

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          Uhmmm, Ackroyd's??? Please elaborate.

          1. re: VTB

            Ackroyd's Scotch Bakery & Sausage in Redford, I presume...

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              Ackroyd's is one of few places in the country where the Scots can get food from "the old country". Scottish meat pies, pork pies, black pudding (blood sausage), assorted baked goods and, of course, haggis. They also have imported candy, tea, cookies and the nectar of west Scotland, Irn Bru, which is more popular there than Coke. It's in a tiny little storefront on Five Mile at Beech and in many ways it's so old in there that you might think you are in Scotland. They are doing a nice job of trying to branch out and sell shortbread and scones at places like Nino's.