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What to do with beef tenderloin bits?

I bought a whole beef tenderloin at Sams, and after saving half for a roast and trimming the other half into cute steaks, I have some extra chunks left over, enough for one small meal perhaps. They're about the right size for stew meat, but that's not something you do with tenderloin. Some of it I minced and gave to my (tremendously spoiled) cat, but what should I do with the rest?

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  1. Brown it, add some veggies (scallions, celery, snow peas if you've got 'em, or anything you might like. Add a bit of garlic, some ginger and soy sauce along with some white wine. Serve over rice.

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        More or less agree. I'd skewer it and marinade in an asian base with soy, mirin, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, scallions etc. for like 30 mins and grill or roast quickly under the broiler. Serve with a kickass spicy peanut satay sauce. Yum

        1. Beef Stroganoff -- tenderloin is perfect for it.

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            +1 to this. I had a large Chateaubriand at Christmas that wouldn't fit in the pan I had to use, so I lopped off the tail and made stroganoff with it the next week.

          2. Read the 1st 5 letters of my chowhound nom de internet.

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                +1 bo luc lac over a bed of watercress...yum!

              2. In my experience, with tenderloin, the less cooked it is the better. I would eat it raw, yook hwe style. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukhoe

                If you don't want to eat it raw, a tataki type preparration would also be great.

                1. Quick saute with the best mushrooms you can find and shallots., deglazed with sherry and demi-glace if you have it, topped off with a splash of cream. Maybe some rosemary. On top of rice or pasta.