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Jan 21, 2012 10:37 AM

Pork Butt (No pulled pork, BBQ or smoked recipes)

I just picked up a 4 lb bone-in pork butt on the cheap today. I've used the search function here and almost all titled threads with pork butt are about pulled pork, BBQ, smoked recipes or arguments about grilling v. BBQ.

I've cooked those many times. I would like to do something different. Is there anything else I can do with the meat?

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  1. Tamales
    Chili, OR
    If you have access to real green chile, then a pot of NM green chile
    You can think up more things I'm sure, but if I'm not mistaken, a slow cook will be needed

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      Read the 1st 5 letters of my 'nom de chowhound.' I second gordeaux motion #3.

    2. This is one of my family's favorites: I don't use as much broth and cook it in the oven instead of the slow cooker.

      1. Put salt and pepper on it and roast in a 325 oven until it is however tender you would like it to be.

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          If you get good pork, this is quite tasty. I've made it before and my husband comments on how good it is, and asks what spices I've used.

          1. If you like Indian food, pork butt is great for the classic Goan dish, Pork Vindaloo (it's hot). Here's a Julie Sahni recipe from the NYTimes:

            Hungarian Goulash is often made with pork butt or shoulder. There are tons of recipes online.

            Chinese roast pork could also work -- either the kind cut up and marinated before cooking like this one: (it'll come out a little bit like jerky), or the kind that is roasted whole like this one: .

            This Viet Namese recipe also looks really good:

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              this was what i was going to suggest. shoulder is the ideal cut for curry. i'm sri lankan.. our curries are a little different and ingredients are harder to come by unless you're in a city with access to a sri lankan market but any curry will be tasty.