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Jan 21, 2012 10:23 AM

Looking for new Chinese takeout in Jenkintown area

For over 10 years we have gotten our Chinese takeout from Szechuan Mandarin in Elkins Park (about a 5-minute drive from our house), but in the last six months or so I've noticed a definite decline in the quality and flavor of the food. Dishes ordered "extra spicy" are anything but, and many of the sauces seem to taste the same anymore: decidedly bland. Does anyone have a recommendation for flavorful Chinese takeout in the Jenkintown/Glenside/Elkins Park area? For comparison, I've had several delicious eat-in meals at King's Garden in Chestnut Hill, but don't really want to drive that far for takeout if I can avoid it. Thanks!

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  1. mandarin garden used to be great. it's been many years, but still owned by same folks I think so should be a good substitute

    1. We like to get takeout from Seven Stars right behind the Wawa on Old York Road. The food is decent and they have some Thai, some Japanese and some Chinese AND they deliver.
      For just take out we like Hunan Village in an Abington Shopping center a couple of doors from Baja Fresh.

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        Thanks, Dzane! Seven Stars has undergone so many changes since it was Lum Fong. I think it was the last iteration before SS when I tried their Thai food which was painfully bland. We'll give them another try. And it's funny, we eat in at Hunan Village every couple of months or so, but I hadn't thought of them for takeout! Thanks again for the recommendations!

      2. My search for decent Chinese food in this area has been pretty unsuccessful. Grace House on Easton Rd is pretty good for delivery - haven't yet found an eat-in place worth a second try. I found the vegetarian options are Mandarin Garden and Human Village to be underspiced and tasteless.

        1. Try Jasmine in Glenside on Easton Road across from Citizens Bank. I prefer eat-in, but they do a very good takeout biz.