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Jan 21, 2012 10:21 AM

Montreal style rotisserie chicken

Being new in TO I was wondering if there is any restaurant/chain specializing in rotisserie chicken the way they make them in Montreal (big, juicy,crispy skin). My favorites over there were Au Coq and Coq-o-Bec, if anyone is familiar, and please don't give me Swiss Chalet...

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  1. I'm not familiar with the restaurants you've mentioned, but I've been in Toronto for 15 years and I still miss Cote St-Luc BBQ. Swiss Chalet seems to be it here in Toronto. Torontonians are really big into Portuguese churrasco chicken.

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      Have you tried any Portuguese chicken in Toronto? I thinpk you will find it similar except for the finishing sauce. St. Hubert offer a cider, clove, vinegar based sauce. I have never had either of chicken restaurants that you crave.

    2. Not sure if you are a fan of Scores or not, but there was one in East Brampton on Airport Rd. (near Queen), but on a recent drive through the area I saw that they closed down. Perhaps they opened up more places in the GTA that have yet to hit the dust. Though, according to their website their western most location is in Ottawa.