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Using the rind of Parmesan cheese

I have read on this board to save parmesan cheese rinds to put in stews and soups.

I bought some packaged rinds yesterday (had not seen them before as such!).

I read in the NYT to grill them for sandwiches.

If you have a good use, would you please share it with me?


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  1. also good in the liquid for cooking beans and lentils.

    1. I've just used them in soup.

      1. I have used them in homemade minestrone, and I fish them out before serving or storing the minestrone in the fridge or freezer.

        I'm not sure that I'd like eating them in a sandwich. I much more prefer provolone.

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            oh yes, not a nibble product (much)

          2. I use them when I make chicken or vegetable or bean soup.

            1. added to the risotto pot at the start.
              buried in a bowl of hot cooked pasta for 5 mins.

              1. Last time I made a quick red sauce, I stuck a rind in it whilst simmering....

                1. Thanks to all for your help!

                  1. "I read in the NYT to grill them for sandwiches."

                    Is there a link? My rinds don't seem to have enough cheese for a sandwich.

                    1. If I have them I put rinds in simmering tomato sauce...

                      1. My rinds don't either, shrinkrap. :<)

                        Here you go:

                        Scroll down to the Comments for the sandwich post.

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                          Cool! I don't know about a sandwich, but the "toasted rinds" link callscfor pieces 1/2 to 1/4 inch thick. Sounds like mine!

                        2. I've found they don't add much to the result, or at least not more than a handful of freshly grated at the end, so I cut our parm rinds into small pieces for dog snacks, which my dogs truly adore.

                            1. Sometimes advertsed as "dog chews"

                              Place in pasta water

                              1. I would add one side note. Careful w/your initial seasoning as the rind will add saltiness to the dish. I learned the hard way.

                                1. Where can you buy packaged parm rinds??? Never seen such a thing.
                                  I'd throw mine into cooking pasta sauce. And podsiy toss a couple to my puppy ;)

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                                    <<Where can you buy packaged parm rinds?>>

                                    Whole Foods sells them here, right on the P-R display table. I buy my P-R elsewhere (Pennsylvania Macaroni in Pittsburgh, PA) for $13.49 a pound, btw, instead of the $18.98/lb. WF charges.