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Jan 21, 2012 09:28 AM

Help me spend money!

So, I've been able to count on this board in the past to help me spend money so I'm back for more. Usually I've asked for advice about cookware, gadgets, etc. Now I just need some generic recommendations. I've got about $60 in ebay bucks that are expiring as well as a $110 credit to amazon and I'm drawing a blank on what to buy. This is usually not an issue!

Things I've been considering are a copper bowl (although eggwhites aren't usually too high on my list - I do love copper though), a new mandoline and possibly some olivewood utensils. Any other ideas? Any kitchenaid attachments really worthwhile? I'm pretty darn good on electrics, cookware and knives. My bakeware is a little wanting but I don't really bake too much.


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  1. Hi, Olympia:

    A good Chinoise? A fair one AND a big mortar & pestle? A few pastry rounds? Replace all your tired potholders/side towels?

    A great used, reconditioned set of 1950s Revereware? ;)


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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Hm, a mortar and pestle could be very interesting. I'll admit that I've never used one! Can't say I've used a Chinoise either. I'm not sure I could see too much use for one but maybe I'm wrong...

      Revereware, why? Or was that a joke?

    2. Buy an attractive cutting board or some special olive oil. They will be used and appreciated. Avoid clutter causing gadgets. My weak spot is for waffle irons. Love those things!

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      1. re: CCSPRINGS

        I could probably use a great cutting board - thanks!

      2. Buy a copper bowl and start making souffles, Olympia.

        They were one of the first things I learned to make, and they're surprisingly easy. The c.1976 trade paperback version of JOY OF COOKING has the best recipe I've used. My copper bowl is one of my oldest pieces of cookware, and like my Le Creuset, it's part of my "cold, dead hands" collection. No matter what I make, I feel so French every time I use it.

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        1. re: Jay F

          I think I will get the copper bowl - I would love to learn how to make macarons so that would be great.

          Thanks for sharing, Jay!

          1. re: olympia

            Sure, Olympia. I've never made macarons, but I have made good macaroons from a couple of Maida Heatter's cookbooks (which I no longer own, unfortunately). Are macarons and macaroons very different from each other?

            1. re: Jay F

              I'm sure that someone more knowledgeable can jump in and correct me (please do). It was my understanding that macaroons were coconut cookies and that macarons were the French sandwich style cookies.