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Jan 21, 2012 09:08 AM

near Sandwich MA - 15-20 people

Hi, looking for a nice but not too formal restaurant for a family get together. We are a laid back (yet somewhat loud:)) bunch, looking for good food and a place that will let us linger. Only 2 in the bunch are of younger age, but very well behaved. Not fussy on food type. Thanks

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  1. Places in the Sandwich area that might easily accommodate a group that size include: Daniel Webster (Tavern downstairs), the Beehive, and Amari. I wouldn't say that any of these offers what I would call good food--o.k., but nothing special, and DW and Amari tend to be overpriced. The Beehive has a separate space, which makes lingering a possibility.

    Anyone eaten there lately?

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      There isn't much in Sandwich if you're talking in the off-season. Your choices open up (a little) in the summer, like Aqua Grille. Of the three mentioned, The Beehive is probably the best bet. We eat there frequently. Not because the food is so good, but because we live nearby and the prices are reasonable. As long as you order simply, the food is okay. Broiled or fried seafood, sandwiches, quiche and the like. I'm so-so on DW and really dislike Amari.

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        Thanks to you both for the info. Some of the group will be styaing at the Daniel Webster so this may be convenient.