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Jan 21, 2012 07:51 AM

Best variety of blue cheese for buffalo fingers dipping sauce

I'm a novice cook and haven't used blue cheese in anything yet. Looking at the Cook's Thesaurus, I see there are a multitude of blue cheese varieties. Which do you recommend for a dipping sauce for buffalo chicken fingers?


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  1. I'd think an Danish or Amish blue would do just fine. Good, solid blue cheese taste and texture, not as pricey as a Maytag or other high-end. And I think the local grocery store's blue cheese (in chunk form) would work as well -- you're blending it with other ingredients and the hot sauce in the wings will predominate the flavor. The dip is really the cooling aspect.

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      I agree. I love Maytag, but that would be plain, not in a dip. I use the chunk stuff in the grocery stores.

    2. I agree with others. Go for a pretty inexpensive blue as a more expensive cheese will be wasted.

      1. I use a good salty strongly flavored Danish Blue, usually found in the deli dept of my local market and sold by the slice or wedge. It's firm and chunks up nicely, and is less expensive than many other options.