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Jan 21, 2012 07:36 AM

ISO Duck Legs or Game Meats in OC

Recently relocated from San Diego and looking for information on where to find duck leg quarters and other game meat in OC. Live in Aliso and travel to Fountain Valley regularly so sources in south county would be appreciated.


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  1. Though I don't think either store stock game routinely, you might try special ordering through El Toro Meats on El Toro (in the big red barn-like building) or the Meat House at Alicia/Geronimo. Both are in Mission Viejo. My meat market of choice is El Toro Meat w/the best Carne Asada (not that you asked). Meat House strives for a more gourmet grocery vibe, and their prices show it. I trust some of our fellow 'Hounds will be able to offer more specific advice.

    1. Whole Foods carries Mary's duck legs. As for game meats, you might want to follow the suggestion of Bogey153.

      1. 99 Ranch Market stocks duck parts every day (legs, wings, whole). There's two in Irvine, and the one at the Jeffrey exit of the 5 might be most convenient for your drive home.

        Any particular kind of game meat? The ones I've seen in the markets here are usually vacuum sealed & frozen. You will marvel at the international behemoth of a supermarket that is Wholesome Choice (Irvine and Anaheim Hills). WC has venison parts in a freezer case next to the butcher's area. So does the Vietnamese market called Green Farm Market in Fountain Valley.

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          There's also a 99 Ranch Market in Fountain Valley, Magnolia and Talbert

        2. Thanks for the tips. I'll check them out. As for what type of game meats, pretty much anything that can walk, run or fly is an option.

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            While it's not in South County, the freezer section at Gem Meats in Yorba Linda has quite a selection of game meats. What's there depends on what they could get in, but I've had elk, venison, sanglier (wild boar) and goose (not a game meat, obviously) from there.

            Fresh game meat is almost impossible to source.

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              You should take a gander (g) at Exotic Meat out in Perris for your game meat wants or needs...

              Exotic Meat Market
              130 Walnut Ave Unit A-18, Perris, CA 92571