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Jun 13, 2006 12:16 PM

Japanese and Korean Food in Gardena, Redondo Beach Blvd.

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Hi there all.
I've recently been driving a lot around the Gardena, Redondo Beach Blvd. area and have noticed a large amount of Japanese (noodle places in particular), and lots of Korean food as well.
There are just so many of them that I'm not sure where to begin. Is anyone out there familiar with this area and its eats? Any recs? I'm usually only there for lunch so, great lunch recs would be appreciated!

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  1. One of the latest Japanese noodle places to open is packed at lunch time. It used to be a taco stand but now it's called Super Udon and it is at Western and 166th street.

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      Saw your post before the others popped up yesterday and went for lunch.
      Maybe its just me and I don't know how to appreciate it but, I was definitly not impressed. I ordered the "Super Udon X" and thought that it was rather boring and flavorless. The soup was actually a bit too sweet, as was the meat. It seemed like they had added something to make it sweet... didn't taste like the sweetness belonged there... not natural or something... don't know exactly where to put my finger. It just wasn't impressive. However, the speed at which it came was extremely impressive! For the speed and price, it is much better than *(enter your fast food chain of choice here)*.

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        super udon is not for everyone. the whole thing behind it is that it's a no frills sort of fast and relatively healthy food type of restaurant like in japan where they serve the very basic noodles with a few toppings perhaps - you nailed it on the head with the last point - it's much better than american fast food and better for you...

    2. where to begin? the much hyped ramen shop shinsengumi hakata ramen is on redondo beach and gramercy. otafuku is a little further south down western. spoon house across from pacific square for japanese-style italian. a place for handmade udon in tozai plaza (redondo & western)- kotohira i believe is the name...

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        I will try those and post back... any other recs?

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          Yes - Kotohira!!! Excellent udon... handmade and very flavorful soup. Sometimes it does take a while to get served, but it is worth the wait and very reasonably priced.

        2. Well, if you situate yourself on the corner of Redondo Beach Bl. and Denker you can go to 1) Spoon House on the NW corner for Japanese style spaghetti and french bread; 2) a few steps north to Sakae Sushi, takeout only, but the best inexpensive sushi in Los Angeles; 3) Sea Empress, across the street in Pacific Square, not Japanese or Korean, but one of the very few opportunities for real dim sum in the South Bay and 4) Asian Bistro and Tea House, also in Pacific Square, for boba drinks.

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            Japanese style spaghetti? Hmmm... is that something like Japanese style Italian food? What's the difference? Is it worth trying or should I just stick with Italian?

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              It's good and it's different from what you get in an Italian restaurant. Try it.

          2. tsukiji on redondo beach blvd & western: quality sushi

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              Thanks for the rec but, there's plenty of quality sushi on the west side. I'd like to try something that there isn't so much of in the westside.
              However, is the sushi there really worth trying?

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              Try Spoon House on Redondo Beach Blvd across from Pacific Square. Japanese-style spaghetti, over 40 varieties(my favorite is the mixed mushroom - 5 types of mushrooms with roasted seaweed and a butter cream sauce, but lots of other good ones, too). I don't think there's another place like it in LA. Their bread is excellent, too.

              Daruma on Western Ave is a good izakaya-style restaurant.