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Jan 21, 2012 04:34 AM

Tayyabs, Needoo Grill or Lahore Kebab House ?? [London]

I need to pick one of these three options. It will be for dinner - only me.


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  1. for gods sake avoid lahore kebab house.

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    1. That's like going to a doctor then getting a second opinion. When the second opinion is different than the first, then one needs a third opinion. Listen to howler. Now you only have two to choose from and I think both restaurants have fans.

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        AGREE !! Now it will be easier between Tayyabs and Needoo

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          Needoo is friendlier, less busy, a little cheaper, and they don't tend to bring your bread at some random point halfway through the meal. Also their lamb chops are better.

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            Try the neglected - on this board, at least - Raavi Kebab on Drummond St. near Euston Station. It's far better than Tayyabs, at least as good as Needoo, and more authentic than both.

      2. We live nearby and have been to all three. We went through a long Needoo phase because Tayyabs was just so impossible to deal with (often huge lines).

        They're not all the same. We like the meat at Needoo best, it's spicier, juicier, more satisfying. And it's much easier to get into, they're also very friendly. I thought we were hooked for good.

        But two big problems at Needoo: (1) whenever we'd go, my clothes would end smelling like I'd been working the grill myself. They need some ventilation. I'm not talking a little, it's a lot. (2) the curries and sides are much greasier. This only became apparent after re-visiting Tayyabs and comparing.

        So the curries at Tayyabs are definitely better, by a pretty large margin, and the seating/atmosphere is more pleasant -- if you can make it at non-peak times. And the grilled meat, well, it's not the 9-10 that Needoo is -- it's an 8. So very good, not very far off, and not enough to make up for the other deficits.

        But they're both worth trying.

        We went to Lahore once and were not impressed. Service was good, atmosphere very much less so, and the meat and curries were a strong notch down in seasoning. I felt they were making it for British palates.

        And if you're a serious meat eater -- definitely order the bulk of your meal from the grill/starters section, with one meat curry and one or two vegetable curries. You'll be glad you did. The grilled meat is the star.