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Jan 21, 2012 01:19 AM

Where to get Panko?


I know this question's been asked quite often but I live in North York and I prefer locations close to subway stops/stations or are easily reachable by bus.

I live near Keele/Finch and I was wondering if there were any places that carried Panko I should be aware of as I'd really like to try cooking with some. Every time i use the generic brand of breadcrumbs at the store it really depresses me ._.

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  1. Every major grocery store that I'm aware of carries panko -- Loblaw's, Metro, Longo's. I imagine Sobey's does as well. Just ask the customer service desk.

    1. Galleria at Yonge/Steele. Hmart at Yonge/Finch. Both are Korean supermarkets.

      1. Most Bulk Barns carry it now.

        1. I purchased some at Metro and honestly, I didn't like the results when I used it. Just sayin' ..........

          1. Sanko for panko!

            730 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

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              I've see Galleria mentioned pretty often, could someone give me directions via TTC and/or price ranges for Galleria and panko?

              I have checked various Nofrills/Lobawls/Metros and I have had 0 luck.

              1. re: taeni

                At my small Foodland it can be found around the seafood, not with the other breadcrumbs.

                1. re: taeni

                  I saw panko at the Empress Walk Loblaws (North York Civic Centre Station) before. Not sure if they still carry it. Hmart is only 5 mins from Finch Station on Yonge south of Finch.
                  For Galleria Thronhill Branch, you can walk north from Steeles for 5 mins. It is right next to the KFC. For the North York Branch, take Bus 95 from York Mills Station and get off at Upjohn then walk for 5 mins. The brand is Korean so they may not call it panko.

                  1. re: smfan

                    I checked hmart's website, they don't seem to have any type of breadcrumbs listed.

                    1. re: taeni

                      Hmart's website is not very good. Galleria offers home delivery may be that's why it is listed.

                      1. re: smfan

                        I found galleria's site to be more frustrating, but I did find some bread crumbs listed at hmart.

                        So assuming I got off at finch station, how do I get to hmart ? x:

                        1. re: taeni

                          Every Loblaw's and Metro in the GTA that I have been in has panko, but they all put it in different places. Some carry it in their "ethnic food" sections,some have it around the sushi stand. Some use Japanese products as an aisle endcap, with rice, dried seaweed etc., and still others keep it near the seafood. I spent about 15 minutes at my local Metro looking for cornmeal, which I finally found with the Caribbean foods, so I feel your pain - I almost wish grocery stores would shelve foods alphabetically, or that there was a Dewey decimal system for groceries or something!

                          1. re: taeni

                            The Hmart is just south of ESSO on Yonge and Olive. Exit the Finch TTC Station South East Yonge Exit.

                            1. re: smfan

                              I think you mean Finch and Olive, but I think I know where you're talking about, I'll give it a look once the weather looks up a little :)

                              1. re: taeni

                                Taeni, the one you talking about is another Korean store in the condo building.
                                Hmart is on Yonge south of ESSO but the address is not listed on the website.
                                Hmart is a Korean food store.