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Lunch in PB

I'm taking classes in PB on weekends now, what's good for lunch in the area near the pier? I had some good NY pizza, but that's about all I know. =)

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  1. I don't know how long your lunch break since it is a few blocks from the pier but Latin Chef is always nice for a relaxed lunch. Close by is also Wotld Curry - nothing special or authentic but the few times we went there for a quick meal the food was not bad.

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      Big 2nd for Latin Chef. The ceviche is really good.

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        Thanks looking for something different, sounds good. =)

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          Turns out they're open at noon but will check it out another time. Thanks!

        2. One of my favorite taco shops is there, Los 2 Pedros, on Turquoise.

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            Haven't been in awhile but really love Los 2 Pedros....their beans are so good..
            Cafe Athena or Bahia's in Bird Rock.

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              Had a burrito there, definitely will try again!

            2. La Perla Cocina on Emerald just off the beach.

              1. It's been a while since I've been but I've always liked the Chinese chicken salad at Cass Street Bar & Grill and Isabel's Cantina.

                1. Bare Back Grill, on Mission, has a pretty good burger. Also like Latin Chef and Taco Surf.

                  1. JRDN, outside at the bar.

                    1. Rubicon has killer sandwiches, but it's packed. If you call ahead you might be able to work something out.

                      1. Maybe be too far up the road for lunch, but you cannot go wrong with PB Fish Company. Really great fish tacos, ceviche, etc. Yummy.