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Jan 20, 2012 09:02 PM

looking for frozen quebec mackerel fillets

I used to eat these once a week and get them from my local Provigo in the Plateaul. They haven't stocked it for a while, and when I asked staff, they looked at me as if I am crazy. Anyone has seen them in any of the Plateau stores? They are sort of a staple, so the closer I can find the better; but I am filling to venture out just for them too, if needed. They are cheap, local, sustainable and delicious; if only I can find them.

I found a promo web site, but couldn't find a contact info/form to ask for retail locations . Here is how the package looks, in case someone can visually identify:

My tummy will thank you.

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  1. Either call CAP SUR MER at 418-986-2710 or UnipĂȘche Aristocrat at (418) 752-6700 they are the distributors.

    1. I finally found someone to ask at my local Provigo and the person said that this product is no longer available and if I see a pack around it is probably year old product. Dommage!

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        Would other types of frozen mackerel do? Theres some common ones from Portugal - I can't remember the brand names (they also have sardines, stickleback, mullet, etc). Not sure, but I'm thinking Sakaris Brothers or the haggard grocery (don't know name) next to Cinema L'Amour have a variety of these frozen fish.

        1. re: porker

          I prefer the Quebec ones, but yes any mackerel would be better than none :)

          I've cooked those frozen Portuguese sardines before. Good stuff, but lots of work to defrost and clean them out because I like to grill them completely gutted. But I haven't seen the mackerels. I'll check my Portuguese owned local grocer.

          1. re: garmonbozia

            I'll look next time as well, but I think the portuguese mackerels are whole, not gutted.

            1. re: garmonbozia

              The brand I was thinking about is Ferma. They have a bag that LOOKS like sardines, but is labelled Cavalinha/(cavala pequena)/Maquereau/Mackerel. I also recall seeing larger frozen mackerel labelled as "Horse Mackerel".
              Comes in a bag like this