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Jan 20, 2012 07:45 PM

Sweet Woodruff, SF w/ pics

Sweet Woodruff: a It's a small place with an L shaped counter to eat, they might put a table in the middle later on.

Menu is online, there's Savory & Sweet.

I only got the Banana Cream Pie $5 - it's a small square I'm guessing made with puff pastry, lots of banana cream, & dollop of whipped cream. It was ok. I hope to try the other sweets another time:
Chocolate financier - vanilla cream, almond $4
Chocolate chip cookie $1
Peanut & Sweet Soy Tart $4
Lemon bar $4

Little gems salad $8
Cream of parsley root soup $6
Pheasant hot pocket $7
Roasted mushroom sandwich $8
Suckling pig sandwich $9.5
Pork terrine $6

You can charge it!

Tues-Sat 11-7

Sweet Woodruff
798 Sutter St, SF 94109

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  1. Any further comments? The place looked enticing while walking by.

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    1. re: lmnopm

      I've eaten here a few times, and I would recommend it. The Argentinian-style chicken sandwich I had last time was particularly good; it featured chimichurri sauce, green beans, avocado, and a couple of other items I don't recall at the moment (plus chicken, of course). My husband is very fond of the portobello sandwich. The only thing I've eaten there that I didn't particularly like was a tomato, basil, and mozzarella quiche on the brunch menu. it was very low on tomato and had a very loose, overly custardy texture; the cheese seemed lost in the mixture, too. The salads look good, although I haven't tried any of them.