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What to do with preserved aquarium fish

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Yep you heard me right, while traveling on business I came across something I found amusing because I have a couple of these in my aquarium at home. Preserved gourami. As far as I can tell they are a Laotian cooking ingredient, because they eat them over there. I tried one and it tasted absolutely awful, but I am guessing in small quantities they might be used as an ingredient in a dish to give it an interesting authentic taste. In my experience, many ethnic foods never taste the same when you have them on the states because they are missing hard to find, possibly illegal to import tidbit which they leave out.

Does anyone know a recipe calling for this or know how it is used in cooking?

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    1. preserved, like pickled or dried? a tiny amount may be ok in a sauce, like shrimp paste or dried shrimp. i don't know which way you mean "awful"? lol. if it's a fuggehdaboutit gag-you kinda thing, then yeah, chuck it.

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        I have the same question. Did you do the "preserving" yourself?