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Jan 20, 2012 06:31 PM

Where would you recommend me to buy fish (best prices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, or the Bronx)?

Not exactly looking for best quality but looking more along the lines of prices as Im a student who still depends on his mom for money. Im training for a bodybuilding competition in 3 months so my diet will consist of a lot of fish. Seafoodwise, I intend to only cook swordfish, halibut, salmon, and an occasional fresh tuna salad. I will be sticking mainly with these fish for the next 3 months and will be doing a lot of pre-freezing meals as I have school. I am okay with buying frozen seafood btw if it means getting a better deal. I usually shop at Whole Foods but they dont always have what I want. :( I heard Citarella is AMAZING but apparently they're more expensive. Not really sure. Where can I buy this fish but at a good price? I imagine Chinatown is a great place but I cant read those Chinese signs they always expect everyone to read. Im willing to shop in the Bronx and Brooklyn as well. If it means better prices then im fine with it. A lot of this is going straight to the freezer anyways.

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  1. Citarella is no more expensive than WF, with much better quality and selection. The Lobster Place in Chelsea Market has a very wide, quality selection, full service, and fair prices. In the Bronx, Randazzo's and Cosenza are 2 old line fish markets on Arthur Avenue, with good prices and decent selections.

    2135 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

    The Lobster Place
    75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

    1. Go to Chinatown or one of the Chinese supermarkets either in lower Manhattan or Queens.

      This being said ... I'm not sure that fish is something that you want to buy on the basis of price. There is good fish and there is bad fish. The bad fish is usually the cheap fish.

      I like Lobster Place in Chelsea Market. They have a very large selection and it's really all quite beautiful in my experience. Cheap? No.

      1. Trader Joe's has a decent selection of frozen fish. I would start there. Here's a discussion about it from a few years ago:

        There's no point in paying Lobster Place prices if you don't care that much about the quality of the fish.

        Trader Joe's
        142 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

        1. For the best mix of quality and price I would head up to Arthur Ave in the Bronx. There are two fish stores across the street from one another. Prices and quality are comparable. They also get some interesting items there as well including baby eels, scungili, various prawns and shrimplike crustaceans

          1. Please, people, this is a poor student - quit sending him to Citarella, Whole Foods, Lobster Place, etc.

            Lots of stores in Chinatown have English signs - it won't be the greatest quality (I wouldn't make sashimi out of anything down there) but it's mostly servicable for subsistence grub, certainly. I buy fish there fairly frequently. Any of the shops along Grand St are usually fine. Also I like the Clinton Supermarket on Clinton between Rivington & Delancey (LES, not Chinatown, but a Chinese market nonetheless) - plus they're indoors so you're not worrying about flies crawling over everything. Quality is... what it is. Eric Ripert wouldn't shop there, but whatever... if you're going to be pre-freezing it, having some kind of Citarella top-quality fish would be kind of irrelevant anyway.

            Clinton Supermarket
            90 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

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              Alan Richman forced Eric Ripert to go to Costco lol. He can just as easily force him to Chinatown if he wanted to. Poor Eric. He was too scared to touch the cart hahahaha.

              I might tour Chinatown to see if this fish is available. Have you ever seen halibut or swordfish in Chinatown?? I dont really expect to see them there. And yeah. I did see it as quite redundant to buy top quality fish only to freeze them straight away. I might just buy from Citarella as its very convenient for me but i'll see what Chinatown has to offer. I used to shop at the Lobster Place though. Might drop by there too.

              1. re: Eric_Cartman

                I've seen sword, but I can't recall seeing halibut. Lots of salmon, though, and snapper and cod (which you can cook -somewhat- similarly to halibut) and whatnot. Tuna, as well, but usually frozen.

              2. re: sgordon

                The best is the one on Mulberry next to the park

                1. re: sgordon

                  But make sure he's knows what's in store in Chinatown--very very variable quality, and an abundance of whole fish and fihs varieties our "poor student" might not know what to do with. He who seeks out halibut, tuna, and something a little less ordinary than than porgies or whiting.What kind of fish is "subsistence grub"--for that, he can buy $6/lb tilapia or farmed salmon at Stew Leonards or Fairway, so there's no need for an adventure.

                  1. re: bob96

                    lol...yeah. Im not exactly poor. More like spoiled as my mom gave me a credit card when I was 14 and im free to spend whatever I want. I just felt I should stop spending unnecessarily. The reason Im looking for specific fish is because I have a strict diet plan to follow and I prefer not to mess with it.

                    1. re: Eric_Cartman

                      Ah, well in that case... Le Bernardin should fit into your diet plan... I know they've got liquid nitro in the kitchen, just have them flash-freeze a week's worth of dishes for you.

                      1. re: Eric_Cartman

                        Halibut cost over $25 per pound this week in some fish markets I've must be less pricey in other neighborhoods but if not, you might want to focus on fish other than that one!