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Jan 20, 2012 06:08 PM

Short Leash Hot Dogs

The corn pup from Short Leash HotDogs was one of the top bites of my visit a year ago. I was delighted to stumble upon the mobile stand at the Mesa Arts Festival last month. The owner remembered me and I was very happy to have the opportunity to order a reprise. The Schreiner's jalapeño and cheese corn dog’s still awesome. The battered coating was a little thicker this time and seemed more rough-hewn.

My first visit was to its regular scheduled stop at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market on Saturday mornings.

Here’s the early menu from November 2010,

And the cute trailer,

Stopping by at 8:15am for a mini-corn dog, I was informed that the frying oil wouldn't be up to temperature for another 20 minutes or so. Fun to see these real pups at the stand.

Short Leash’s hot dogs are wrapped in fluffy pita bread instead of a bun. The one at the table next to me looked so scrumptious, i asked if I could snap this photo.

Soon, my own order was ready. The corn pups aka mini-corn dogs made with local Schreiner's mini-sausages, fried to order, and served with handmade pickles. This one had a "tail". And I was given an extra one because I had to wait . . . too bad I couldn't eat it.

Really liked the ratio of batter to sausage. Single dipped, they’re served fresh out of the fryer.

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“Restaurants Database To Be Eliminated”

Short Leash HotDogs
Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. Thanks for the update on Short Leash. I've only sampled their "mini" dogs at last year's Devour food festival and really liked SL too. I have to get out to their truck one of these days.

    And the Database to be eliminated? Grrrr. It's especially helpful since everything is so spread out to see where restaurants are in relation to visitors' hotels, neighborhoods, etc. Thanks for the link.

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    1. re: Rubee

      I've heard about another hot dog truck, Epic Hot Dogs. Have you tried it?

      The Phoenicians have made good use of the restaurants database, far more than the other parts of the country that I've visited in the past year or so. So I wanted folks on this board to be aware of the change that's coming. I'm still protesting it and I hope others will join the discussion I linked as I feel there are alternatives to dumping it.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Epic is very tasty, but I think thanks to the naan in place of a standard bun, Short Leash is the top dog.