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Jan 20, 2012 03:49 PM

Breakfast Tacos between Austin and Houston

Hubby and I are headed out to Sarasota, FL, and we like to 1) hit the road early and 2) start our road trips with breakfast tacos. Rudy's in Round Rock opens at 6 a.m. and isn't too far out of the way for us, but we'd like to be on the road before that. There's just got to be some good dive in Elgin, Giddings, Waller, or Hempstead! And if not good breakfast tacos (PS, got to have vegetarian options for the husband), where else can you get a good, quick breakfast? Thanks, fellow Hounds!

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  1. "Breakfast tacos" they ain't, but we make that trip a lot, and we never do it without a stop at Weikels Bakery in LaGrange:

    Everything they have is wonderful, especially to pack up for road trips. For breakfast, we get what some folks call "sausage kolaches," and other folks call "pigs in a blanket." Absolutely terrific!

    And you can pick up some other goodies (like cinnamon rolls, kolaches with fruit or cheese filling, etc.) to heat up in your microwave at your motel when you stop for the night. Their sandwiches are also outstanding.

    We absolutely love that place, and have for decades. It's owned/operated by the same family that ran that legendary Texas eatery, the Bon Ton Cafe.

    You can't go wrong.

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      Thanks for the tip. The selections look delicious. I was hoping they'd have some sort of kolache with eggs-potato-cheese or some such for my non-meat-eating husband, but it looks like it's pretty much the sweet stuff or nothing for him. However, it's great to know about this place!

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        Well then, you might try Hruska's, about five miles farther down the road toward Houston.

        They're really great, too. Although we like the Kolaches (sweet) from Weikel's a little bit more, Hruska sells really good food as well.

        I think Weikel's might have breakfast tacos, although I'm not sure. You could call them and ask. They do have absolutely wonderful sandwiches, though, and I'm sure there are some vegetarian options.

        However, I'm almost positive Hruska's has breakfast tacos (because we've had them) and since they've been in business for 100 years, they're obviously doing something right!

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          Thank you, Jaymes! I will certainly call and check both out. I appreciate the tips!

          1. re: CindyS

            Well, as you probably know, there are two main routes folks take for that Austin/Houston run - Hwy 71 or 290. Hwy 290 is more northerly, and since you mentioned Giddings, etc., probably the one you were planning to take. Those routes are both well-known to generations of college students, among others, driving between their homes in southeast Texas, and school in Austin. Our families definitely fall into that category.

            Each route has its pluses and minuses, not only for speed and ease of drive, but also for food. Nothing like knowing you're going through Brenham. You start selecting which type of ice cream cone you're going to get several days before you even set out.

            But in our family, 71 usually wins. And everybody puts in their orders for what to bring them from Weikel's and Hruska's (necessitating stops at both places). Also, as 71 puts you onto I-10 at Columbus, you get off of those back roads more quickly and can set your cruise control and cruise on into Houston.

            Both 290 and 71 are good roads. They're 4-lane divided highway most of the way now, although avoiding construction also used to play a big part in our decisions as to which route to take. Personally, I often take one route one way, and the other home.

            A third option, food-wise, is to start out from Austin on 290 heading east. And then take the Round Top road south for Royer's Cafe. After stuffing yourself at what many consider to be one of the best restaurants in the state, find your way back to I-10 or Houston via several optional routes.


            Of course, there's a fourth option, which wouldn't affect you. But in our family, as soon as people hear that you're going to be driving Austin/Houston, somebody always points out that if you had a true selfless kindness in your heart, you'd take Hwy 183, even if it is longer.

            Because, um, well, it, um, you know, goes through Lockhart and Luling.

            Not that I'm really asking you to drive farther to pick me up some barbecue.

            But hey, if you're already there....