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Jan 20, 2012 03:36 PM

Best wings in MKE?

The kid wanted wing a couple of days ago so we went into BW3's at Bayshore. I am amazed that people eat there. I barely touched the food.

Personally my favorites are at Taylor & Dunns (The Panther - medium heat)

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  1. I happen to like the wings at the BW3 across from Mayfair; I usually get them with the dry Buffalo seasoning. I avoid Bayshore as much as possible, so I dont know what, if any, differences there may be.

    Club Garibaldi seems to be the place that most frequently gets the nod for having the best wings in town, but that's way off my beaten path, so I havent had them in several years.

    1. Outside of homemade, I have never found great wings in the MKE area. And I have tried! I seem to recall having good (not great) wings at Point's East a few years ago.

      Next time I am in the Mequon area I will try Taylor & Dunns. Are the wings there fried or grilled?

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      1. re: Fowler

        The wings at Taylor & dunns are coated and fried. My kid loves the medium (panther) wings.
        Not sure if it is still there but the tuesday special in the bar was two for one wings.

      2. Quaker Steak in New Berlin has a wide range of heat levels. I really enjoyed them.

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          Thanks - I'll have to try them again. I was there when they first were opening and they were a little discombobulated. I like your name - I used to live on the Indian River back in the 80's.

          1. re: exvaxman

            I used to live on the river until the foreclosure. Now I live on the river in my boat.

        2. Milwaukee did just get a Wingstop (Nat’l chain) by West Milwaukee haven’t been, but figured I would mention it.

          For something different, the Hickory Smoked Wings at Maxies are tasty. (I love Maxies though, but it seems like people have a tendency to love it or hate it…)

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          1. re: bte576

            I used to take my father to Maxie's all the time and was there for one of the Derby parties.
            I haven't been there for maybe two years though. Dad used to "HAVE" to go there for the clams until he found out that Hooters had them for a lot less.

          2. GREAT topic! Like Fowler , I like my homemade wings the best. After that, Leff's is my absolute number one. Never had any better. Gotta go on Tuesday, their wing night, when they seem to be the best. Also, if youre not aware, there's two local websites dedicated to wings. and

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              I keep forgetting about Leff's wings because I love their burgers and that's what I usually get there. But you're right, their wings are excellent!

              Leff's Lucky Town
              7208 W State St, Milwaukee, WI 53213

              1. re: KoolWhip

                Been really digging the wings at a newer bar in Wauwatosa, Jackson's Blue Ribbon. Wings are done a bit differently as they are grilled after frying them
                Sauce choices are limited to the basic mild, med., and hot and also 'tough guy'. All are homemade. Just thought I'd share as I loved this thread when I was originally posted.

                1. re: KoolWhip

                  Jackson's Is a really good new find. Their wings are really good, as are their cheese curds. Good portion sizes too.

                  1. re: Fydeaux

                    Darn you guys. I had promised the kid a pizza buffet on Sunday and now have to see if he wants to change plans.

                    BTW, not awesome, but very good for what they are is Pizza Ranch in Oostburg. I wish the teenager had one closer to us. The people and service are just incredible for friendliness. The only way I can give an example is they are to Milwaukee as Milwaukee is to where my father used to live in NYC.

                  2. re: KoolWhip

                    Speaking of tough guy, the Puddle Jumpers offers a hot wing chalange by the airport. Appointments required. Not for me. As the old story goes, Pace was trying to make a picante for the midwest market. When they hit ketchup, they quit. Describes me for heat. Texas Pete for flavor, nothing hotter.