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Jan 20, 2012 03:27 PM

Lounges that serve cake (or allow you to bring your own)?

I'm planning birthday drinks for a friend (no dinner) and am having a very difficult time finding a lounge that either (a) makes/serves cake or (b) allows you to bring in your own.

Even venues where I offered to buy a room (e.g. Bourbon and Branch) won't allow it! Any suggestions? The main reason why it's important is that one of my birthday gifts was going to be a super cool custom cake for the birthday boy/guests.

My preference would be for something in Union Square/Civic Center/FiDi.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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  1. I went to a fun BD party at Burritt Room @ Crescent Hotel (right across from Sutter/Stockton parking garage), and I believe the hostess brought the cake. BR has a great cocktail program including classic punches served in big bowls. You can also order food (truffled popcorn, cheeses, etc.). We were in the lounge area. The only downside is that it's a little small (best for 15-20 people max?) but I noticed that a separate event was happening in a back room that was a lot bigger. I've also had a party at the Crimson Lounge (under Indigo Rest) in Hayes Valley and brought the cake, but I think you may have to buy out the space.

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      Wonderful suggestion! THANKS A MILLION! I actually ended up booking the Burritt Room. Turns out that the restaurant is closed/going through reservation so I have to bring my own cake, utensils, etc.

      The manager said that I would be reserving the "Black Sofa" Area near the bar/back that can accommodate around 40 people--is this the larger area that you're referring to? She said the "Red Sofa Area" near the front was booked.

      1. re: ngarbie

        Yes, the sofa was def red. That's too bad about the rest bring closed, they did a nice job w service and food. Have fun!