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Jan 20, 2012 02:45 PM

are there any good bakeries in east county? good brunch? like the kind you'd drive out of your way for?

i grew up out there and was saddened to hear on my last visit that most of the places i used to enjoy and that my family shopped at when i was a kid are now closed. i'm wondering if it was because they weren't all that great and memory serves me wrong, or because the area can't support that kind of business.

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  1. The Grove Bakery in Lemon Grove is still going strong after 50 years.

    Brunch? Probably not that I'd drive out of my way for.

    1. I like Terra. Haven't been there for brunch, but I'd give it a try.

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        I've been for brunch twice and it's pretty good. The place is much quieter, some interesting things on the menu.

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          So I ended up at Terra this morning for brunch with the nonegerian sect. It was, as usual, very good and quite reasonable for what you get. There are a number of egg dishes and usually a special scramble and a special omelet. Today's scramble had beef filet tips, way too many mushrooms and truffle oil under a mantle of melted gorgonzola. Other than the truffle oil it was a nice dish. If the scramble special with pulled pork is on the menu, order it, it's really, really good.

          I also really like the breakfast potatoes at Terra. The only ones I really like better are the dragon potatoes at Cantina Isabel. What I don't like at Terra is the housemade catsup. It's top heavy on a spice I don't like. I keep trying to like it, but try as I might, no dice.

          Portions are not oversized (a good thing in my book), the egg brunch dishes come without toast and there is no breakfast bread/pastry basket. To keep kids entertained, they've got a fleet of well used Etch*a*Sketches.

          And, if you do Four Square, there is current special. Check in and you too might unlock a free appetizer offer :-D

          1. re: DiningDiva

            Nonegerian! Seriously? Is that part of town Retirement City? Mixed crowd when I've been there for dinner.

            1. re: Island

              Yep, seriously. 92 and 94. Some mobility issues but totally lucid with few health issues.

              I don't think that part of town is any more retirement heavy than others. They just liked the brunch menu better at Terra than at Gihgham :-). That's probably a good thing because Terra is easier to get them in and out of than Gingham will be.

              They like Terra so much that they want to have one of their woman's clubs meet there for lunch. Then it would be 15 85 - 95 year olds :-O

              1. re: DiningDiva

                Oh I get it, YOU were with a couple of 90-somethings, not that the whole place was filled with only that age range. Funny.
                Hey good for the old ladies that brunch. I aspire to be a spry lucid geezer some day too.