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Jan 20, 2012 02:23 PM

Napa - Chase Cellars


We're taking a tour around Napa soon and one of the stops is supposed to be Chase Cellars. Does anyone have any thoughts on this winery?

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  1. Oh, I meant to ask about Hagafen, too. Thanks so much!

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      we have friends who are big fans of Hagafen. They generally like full reds, more european styles but not very austere. I believe their wines are kosher - though that was not a factor in the decision. I've had their cab and liked it - full, some tannins

    2. Howdy! I am personally a BIG fan of Chase Cellars - for many reasons. If you are a lover of amazing Napa Zinfandel and Cabernets you will be very impressed - and if they have any of their Rose or Sauvignon Blanc left (it sells out VERY quickly) you are in for a real treat. In addition to the great wines they are situated on one of the most historic vineyards in St Helena - the Hayne Vineyard - which boasts one of the most picturesque views across the Valley floor. Tours are by appointment so you will certainly have a personalized experience, too.