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Jan 20, 2012 01:55 PM

Your best items at Sam's Club

So, I constantly see threads about the best things at Costco, TJ's and other places but never see threads about Sam's Club. Is there some secret reason for this or is it that no one has started one ever? Or is there nothing that anyone likes at Sam's?

So, I'll start it with something we buy consistently at Sam's.

Cavenaugh brand spicy sausage! Sometimes it is hotter than others and that's when it's the best, but even if it's not the hottest batch we still like it better than others we've tried.

Found at both stores in the Austin area and now in Las Vegas.

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  1. The Italian cream cakes from the bakery are very good. I make my own pizzas and buy the dough frozen from their snack bar (it's not in the frozen dept. in the main part of the store) you get 18 individually wrapped dough balls to a case for about $16. They stretch out and make a nice 16" pie, also great for calzone or foccacia. I like the hot dogs at the snack bar too, Nathans Famous on a nice textured bun, Costcos dogs have gone way downhill in my opinion.

    1. A few weeks ago I got a box of 54 Starbucks K-cups for a little less than $37 at the store in Harrisburg, PA. That was a great bargain, considering the 10- and 14-cup boxes I'd been buying were running almost $1/cup.

      I buy mostly non-food items at Sam's these days since I don't live close to one anymore, but my parents bought a box of frozen breaded eggplant cutlets not too long ago that were good. I liked that you could bake them instead of fry them.

      1. I love Terra Verde's Grilled & Marinated Artichoke Hearts. I have read online that they are no longer available at some Sam's. I got mine in December, 2011 at the Sam's in Saginaw, Michigan. They are pricey, but so good with hardly any tough pieces.

        1. I use Sam's Club for most of my "staples" type shopping, I try to limit that to once a month with their "Click''n'Pull" service, in which you order on line and they have everything ready and waiting for you to pick up. Hey, as the old broad sitting on a tripod used to say, "Know thyself." Well, I do, and Click''n'Pull cuts waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back on impulse shopping!

          I've been buying pine nuts from Sam's for about six or seven years now. They are from China, but I use them a LOT and no one has ever had that strange distaste problem associadted with some pine nuts. They're much cheaper at Sam's than anywhere else I've been able to find them. I also get my cryovac bags for sous vide from Sam's.

          In my specific Sam's club, they have some terrific fresh produce bargains. A medium sized on-the-vine heirloom tomato that is the best I've had since my grandfather gave up his Victory Garden in 1952! They also have a one pound plastic box (as opposed to bagged) of pre-washed and ready to dress "organic Sring Mix" of special lettuces for under four bucks. Do you know how much lettuce that is? I take about half of it and put it in a vacuum sealed container to keep it fresh longer, the rest I store in a "stay fresh" container to use as needed. Lasts me nearly a month.

          I buy Swenson's Chicken Broth by the case at Sams, along with canned tomato products from diced to sauce and paste.

          A few things from Sam's I wouldn't want to be without:
          Soule's Angus Carne Asada (grilled diced beef GREAT for instant tacos!)
          6 pound bags of Dole's frozen mixed fruit for smoothies
          Ditto for Doles frozen berry combinations
          In-store (no Click''n'Pull here!) USDA Prime beef (when they have it)

          Well, enough is enough. Take Sam's away and you will be assassinating my life style because my food budget would go through the roof!

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            Prunes, raisins, and Silk Soy are the Sam's staples in our household.

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              Caroline1 I was just wondering about you the other day! Good to see you again or maybe I was just missing your posts.

              At our Sam's we mostly buy milk, school lunch snacks and paper goods.

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                  This is a good thread for me- I just joined Sams and don't have a TJ's or Costco in the state. I joined mostly for the cheese & craisins later garden things, but now I have more ideas thanks!

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                agreed on produce bargains! avocados are a great deal - i think mine are 5 for $3, out of season!

              2. Sam's has much better sandwich rolls than Costco, not as doughy, but costco does have the artisean rolls that are much too thick for sandwiches.