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Jan 20, 2012 01:54 PM

Ramen Noodle Chocolate?!

I spotted some of these bars at REI today. Flavors include Tortilla Lime, Savory Ramen, Ramen Noodle, and slightly more mundane-sounding Apple Pie & Graham and French Toast. Any Chowhounds have first-hand experience with them? I should have grabbed a few but my brain couldn't quite make sense of them at the time.

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  1. I loved the name of this post as soon as I read it.
    Move over rice crispies, let the big girls play now.

    1. I've had some of them. My favorite was the Tortilla has crunch from tortilla bits, and the salty, lime flavors work really well with the dark chocolate. The Ramen Noodle was okay, it was dark chocolate with crunchy pieces of plain ramen...not very exciting. I also had the French Toast, which had some crunchy pieces (of bread?), with cinnamon and syrup flavors. I emphasize syrup, because the flavor was more like Aunt Jemima and not at all like maple syrup. It was pretty good, but I think it would have been really wonderful if it had a real maple flavor to it.

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        Thanks, that seems to jive with the few reviews I found on the web. I'm most curious about the Savory Ramen. I will try to pick some up soon, although I don't like to go to REI too often as I always end up spending a fortune :)

        1. re: teemo

          I saw these last year and wanted to try them all, but only ended up buying the ramen noodle one. I had a similar experience -- it was pretty blah, not what I imagined it would be. I'd try the tortilla lime flavor next time.