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Jan 20, 2012 01:54 PM

Friendlys free Fribble Saturday Jan 21, 2011 12-5pm

Love me a good Fribble. But does anyone else feel guilty when places do freebie promotions? I always buy something else while I am there to help boost their business. But then I think, maybe I am giving false hope since I probably won't be back anyway...

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  1. The way Friendly's is closing doors around here (CT), I'd say ask no questions and get your free Fribble while you can.

    1. Their goal is to get you into the door, so I've no guilt.

      Didn't hear about this, so thanks for the heads up. As it happens I'm going to be near one tomorrow (early than noon, but that can be changed). So... I should at least ask. If I get a fribble, which of the 3 flavors should I get? And, what are the better lunch options? (And is this one of those places that serves breakfast/lunch/dinner at all times?)

      Looking through the menu:
      Burgers are well-done, so can't be good.
      Grilled cheese seems like a safe bet.
      The fish sandwich sounds like McDonald's, which is good.
      Salads seem boring
      It'll probably be too sweet, but the shrimp and chicken on the 550 menu seem safe.

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      1. re: ediblover

        I wsh I could help you on the menu suggestions, but I haven't been to eat at a Friendlys in years. they used to have great Patty Melts...

        The Fribbles (thick milkshakes) only come in Vanilla, Choc, Strawberry and I just found out Coffee. My traditional is Strawberry, even though I am a chocolate fiend. However I love, love, love coffee icecream so all bets are off!

        1. re: ediblover

          As a kid....the meal of choice was a Fishamajig and Coffee Fribble...

          1. re: fourunder

            This is the most endearing-sounding meal I have ever encountered. I might change it to 'a fishamajig and a tall coffee fribble' to make the meter work better.

            1. re: Harmy

              Nice.....reflecting back, my eyes hurt just thinking about trying to suck the shake through the straw.....

        2. Anything to get you in the door, maybe you'll buy a half gallon or have lunch. I remember the Fribble before it was the fribble.

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          1. re: treb

            I have no problems with milk shakes (made elsewhere with a good ice cream), but the last two Fribbles I've attempted have left me with stomach cramps. What makes them different from a typical milkshake? A lot of thickening agents (algenates, Xantham gums, etc)? Or could it simply be the poor quality of current Friendly's ice cream?

            1. re: Clams047

              the components of a Fribble are milk, ice milk (not ice cream!), and flavored syrup. i have no idea what the ingredient lists for their ice milk or flavored syrup look like, so either one could be the culprit.

          2. the ones in the Daytona Beach area just closed.