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Jan 20, 2012 01:46 PM

Quality meat direct from farmers - where to get in/around Calgary?

Hi everyone,

For a longest time I've been trying to procure reliable food sources for my family in Calgary which would:

1) be free range and heritage in nature - no soy in the feed, no weird experiments with coconut and milk protein stuff

2) no hormones, antibiotics, etc.

I am interested in pork, chicken, fish and eggs.

Please don't send me to farmers' markets and organic food stores - the pricing is unsustainable and some products are the outcome of soy feeding anyway.

However, the names of actual farmers/farms (including Mennonite/Hutterite) that raise pigs and chicken in accordance with the above requirements would be very much appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance!

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  1. I like Country Lane Farms for chicken. I believe (?) it meets your requirements. But check it out online for yourself. The chicken is large, juicy and delicious, at an affordable price. You pick up your pre-order from their refrigerated truck in different communities. It's sold fresh, in various cuts. They do source other meat but I can't speak for the other products.

    Eagle Creek Farms has a Heritage egg share offer, but I haven't purchased any. Some where to investigate anyway?

    1. Here's a few options for pork that hit most of your requirements. They'll be a bit of a drive from the looks of things, but do offer heritage breeds. If anyone knows of anything closer, I'd be curious to know. - located near Coalhurst - located near Camrose - not really near anything, but looks like they will deliver to Calgary

      1. Try this website. It is sponsored by the Government of Alberta.

        Then contact me if you are seeking to split on on any pork, chicken, or beef

        1. Bowden Farms for Chicken.. they deliver free with a minimum order

          1. Ravenwood farm for pork. They have incredible Berkshire heritage pork and partner up with other like minded farmers. Located in Caroline and they come down here in the summer to the markets in Calgary but also deliver to Calgary on certain days.

            I go up to Caroline fishing every couple months and load up on the meat from their butcher shop.