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Jan 20, 2012 01:38 PM

KY I-24 Restaurants

We will be traveling south from Chicago to Brentwood and need to find a good restaurant on I-24. Last year, we stopped in Clarksville, found only chains with an hour wait, and ended up at a buffet. I'm looking for somewhere that has good food, preferably with some healthy options. (But we do love BBQ!) Prefer a sit-down,not fast food. Please help!

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  1. If you can spare about 15 minutes off the Interstate to get downtown I would recommend Blackhorse Pub & Brewery in Clarksville. It is a microbrewery with good food, particularly the pizza. Otherwise, I would suggest Red Top Barbecue in Guthrie, KY which is a local favorite BBQ spot.

    1. I can highly recommend Broadbent's in Kuttawa, Ky in the Land Between the Lakes region. They have perhaps the best smoked ham I've had.
      There's a little cafe and gift shop. The sandwiches are great and you can sample a lot of their wares.

      Two places I have not yet been to but are on my radar are as follows.
      Jewell's Open Pit BBQ in Princeton, Ky.

      Knockum Hill BBQ in Herndon, Ky.


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        You will pass through Paducah, which is home to some really great restaurants...especially about 10 min off the interestate on the Ohio River in the historic downtown area. Cynthia's, Max's D'Fraetelli, Shandies, JP's Grill, Tribeca, Martin Fierro, Whaler's Catch....all are wonderful in their own genre. About 30 min so of Paducah, you will see signs for Grand Rivers, Ky....a little burg about 10 min off the interstate where you will find Patti's....renowned for their 2" porkchop, flowerpot bread, incredible desserts, and a whole destination itself. All the restaurants are locally owned and you couldnt go wrong with any of them....happy travels!

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          I forgot to mention Doe's....that's bad since I eat there at least a couple times a month! Wonderful steaks, tamales, chili, fun/funky atmosphere....great place. Also, I forgot a good fish restaurant right on I-24 about 20 min from Paducah at exit 27. Willow Pond has great Catfish and southern fixins :)

      2. Don't leave Paducah, KY without dining at Doe's Eat Place. Have the tamales and fried shrimp appetizer and a big Porterhouse for 2. Whaler's Catch Restaurant and Bar is outstanding seafood and steaks for lunch or dinner. Get off I 24 at Exit 40 in Kuttawa, KY and go S just a second to the Oasis Southwest Grill for outstanding steaks, ribs and cold drinks. Come sit and enjoy a football game on the big screen TV's. Go to Broadbent Hams and pick up a nice smoked ham to take home. Get off I 24 at Exit 31 and go S on Highway 453 about 2 miles to Grand Rivers, KY and have lunch or dinner at Patti's or one of the other two restaurant owned by the family near Kentucky Lake. Get off I 24 at Exit 65 and go E to Hopkinsville, KY to Wood Shed BBQ for good KY road food.
        If you have not stopped since you went through Paducah, KY be sure to take Exit 73 off I 24 and go S on Highway 117 to Knock Em Hill BBQ for the best in KY. Try one of the big pork chops.
        Get off I 24 at Exit 4 in Clarksville, TN and go to Whitt's BBQ for outstanding southern road food.
        Doe's Eat Place @ 136 Broadway Street, Paducah, KY 270 - 443 - 9006.
        Whaler's Catch Restaurant & Bar @ 123 North 2nd Street, Paducah, KY 270 - 444 - 7701.
        The Oasis Southwest Grill @ 42 Days Inn Drive, Kuttawa, KY 270 - 388 - 0777.
        Broadbent Hams @ 257 Mary Blue Rd., Kuttawa, KY 270 - 388 - 0609.
        Patti's 1880's Settlement Restaurant @ Main Street, Grand Rivers, KY 270 - 362 - 2264.
        Woodshed Pit BBQ @ 1821 W. 7th St., Hopkinsville, KY. 270 - 885 - 8144.
        Knock Em Hill BBQ @ 11185 Hwy. 107 S., Herndon, KY. 270 - 271 - 2957.
        Whitt's BBQ @ 2030 Wilma Rudolph Blvd., Clarksville, TN 931 - 503 - 0515.

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          1. Any updates to this post? We will will be traveling soon?