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Jan 20, 2012 01:09 PM

Valentine's Day Dinner - Central NJ?

Does anyone have any recommendations for Valentine's Day Dinner in Central NJ, preferably Monmouth, lower Middlesex or Mercer?

I like when they prepare a special menu, and I know sometimes that ups the price. That's okay. I wouldn't mind a BYOB either. Last year we dined at Za in Pennington, which was nice. But I wouldn't mind something closer to home (Matawan).


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  1. I'd head to Daryl in New Brunswick...not BYO, but two words that inspire love in my book: DUCK. MEATBALLS.

    1. the shipwreck grill in brielle has a harpist every year. creates a nice atmosphere and the food is always great...

      1. Not a specific recommendation but this listing of Monmouth County eateries may help you narrow the search (sortable by cuisine and location):

        1. I'm a shore guy, and with your locale being Matawan, I'd recommend going north to Du Marie in New Brunswick for Valentine's Day. Great food, beautiful ambience, wonderful service.

          1. If you want Italian, I would go to Via45 in Red Bank.
            If you want an excellent BYOB, I would to the Belford Bistro in Middletown/Belford.
            If you want trendy, innovative, expensive Japanese, I would go to Yumi in Sea Bright.
            If you want diverse, but consistently good quality food, I would go to Red in Red Bank.
            All these restaurants have their own websites that you can check out.