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Jan 20, 2012 12:54 PM

Rice cooker brown rice

I bought an Aroma fuzzy logic rice cooker from Costco some time back and I swear i can't make properly cooked brown rice (on the brown rice setting or quick setting) . It always comes out mushy. Typically I buy bags or sometimes from the bulk at wholefoods. I didn't think you had to wash brown rice much these days but maybe I'm wrong? I cook the dry rice with the amount of water and/or broth indicated and sometimes add a touch of oil to keep it from frothing up too much to clog the the pressure/steam thing at the top.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong besides eating brown rice which is pretty darn boring?

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  1. With white rice, I found basmati is less likely to mush. What type of brown rice are you using? How much water to rice?

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      *I use brown rice from Chinese grocery in Boston. The type I prefer is "Botan Calrose", a Japanese short grain type, (grown and processes in California I believe). This tastes softer than long grain American rice. But I also have success with American long grain, white or brown.
      *If you pay more than $1 per lb, you paid too much. A 20 lbs bag Calrose brown rice in Chinese grocery cost me $17.
      *I never use Jasmine or Basmati rice. They are produced in Asian. Field and water are polluted there. I have seen some farmers processing rice. They lay if on concrete, or worse, on asphalt payment. Kids, dogs and chickens may run over the rice too.

    2. I have the Elephant brown, neurofuzzy logic or whatever. It cooks brown rice perfectly, (do NOT use quick setting for it!). Are you bringing the water up the the BROWN rice level instead ofthe white rice level? They require different amounts of water...

      1. I find that short-grain brown rice has a much nicer texture than the long-grain stuff, no matter how you cook it. It's a lot more expensive, though (at least where I live). Maybe see if you can find a bag of the short grain and test it out?

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          Opposite opinion here. Unless I am making a creamy rice, risotto or a pudding, I prefer the texture of a longer grain.
          I love Lundberg brown rice, especially the basmati.

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            It depends on how the poster defines nice texture. If it is toward sticky, sure.

        2. Add less water, the rice comes out firmer.

          1. I was having this problem with my Zojirushi so I emailed the supplier and they gave me some advice which has worked well.

            Basically, they said NOT to wash the rice, and to use less water - ie to use the white rice levels rather than the brown ones. This has definitely done the trick.

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            1. re: greedygirl

              Just cooked 2 cups of brown rice with water just about covering in my Zosirushi for 1.30 hr. on the brown rice setting.
              Looks good, grains seperated , not mushi but hard. Is this how it should be?

              1. re: Marfe

                Yes if you like it harder. Also when you use rice to make fried rice, people like it harder.

                But if you like it softer, try to add more water, like 1/4 cup, until you are satisfied.
                Also different rice (or new rice)will have different water requirement. Need to try out when you change rice.