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Jan 20, 2012 12:11 PM

Kosher in St Maarin, St Thomas, San Juan, Tortola or Antigua?

Ok. I know this is a long shot.

I am going on a cruise with some people who are kosher. They have not opted to ask for kosher food on the cruise and are, instead, going to be vegetarian for the 12 days. Obviously, they aren't complaining about their choice.

I thought that I would be really nice (to them) and ask here if there are any kosher (meat) restaurants in our ports of call (St Maarin, St Thomas, San Juan, Tortola or Antigua). Driving distance from the ports of call should work too.

My best hope is for St Thomas because they have a well-known synagogue, but even that is Reform, so I doubt the associated population is kosher.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

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  1. There is now a Chabad on St. Maarten and for assistance on Kosher food you can contact: and and check out:
    I hope this helps. I am sure they will know the veggie options as well. I only know of Top Carrot in Simpson Bay but I assume you want something better than a juice bar. Hope this helps.

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        We just found out about the Jewish center in SXM. We met the rabbi. It's actually above Zee Best in Simpson Bay near Top carrot. They sell Kosher food if you want to buy any though there is no reason to buy any if one is on a ship. He would know what the story is is far as Kosher on the island goes. I don't know how to contact him but by the stairs leading to the center I think there is contact info. Just as at Zee Best where the stairs are.

      2. You might also try posting this to the Kosher Board of Chowhound

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          Thanks for the suggestion.

          Before posting here, I did a text search on the kosher board and found lots of discussion of cruises but the discussion always centered around food on the cruise but no one ever mentioned any kosher food in port with the exception of Chabad in San Juan. In other words, I felt like if it was known on the kosher board, given the number of cruises, it would have been said on the kosher board. I felt like this board might be more populated by locals "in the know", That's why I posted here. Maybe I should post on the kosher board anyway.

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            I was really into the Antigua dining scene for 25 years but have not been back in a year or so. Up until then, there was no Kosher dining spot.