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Jan 20, 2012 11:21 AM

Thermoworks Thermapen Open Box Sale!!!

Get 'em whilst they last.. $69 for units they won't sell as new, but that seem like are in pretty quality shape..

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  1. I got one. Thanks for the tip! I've been thinking about getting one for years, and this just seemed the right time. Soon I'll see how much better it is than my other thermometers.

    1. Dang it! Bought three at Christmas for gifts and now they go on sale.

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      1. re: dcrb

        "Bought three at Christmas for gifts"—that's probably why! (not yours, necessarily, but...)

        1. re: eethan

          They are all being well and often used. Family thing. But I think you may be right. Folks did not know what to do with it, wrong color, or just did not fit in with their style of cooking. Their loss is someone else's gain.

      2. Actually, I never thought of buying one before, but why are these so expensive?

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        1. re: eethan

          They really are the best available. They are dead on accurate, give a reading instantly, and are durable. If you rarely use a thermometer for anything other than cooking roasts in your oven theres really no reason to use anything other than a probe thermometer you can leave in your roast while it cooks. A thermapen is amazing in a professional environment though.

          1. re: eethan

            They are fast and accurate plus they work with only a small tip of
            the thermometer inserted. Best money I ever spent and I didn't get it on sale.

            1. re: eethan

              Accurate, good warranty. Good (real good and friendly) customer service.

            2. In for the pink (easier to find in the drawer).