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Jan 20, 2012 10:49 AM

London - L'Escargot Restaurant, Soho (Update)

Really liked L'Escargot - beautiful restaurant, nice golden glow to the dining room, fantastically attentive & polite service, and straight-forward, well-turned out French cuisine of the highest order.

What I had:
- Frogs' legs with parsley puree & garlic: beautifully done, though the garlic chips were chewier than crisp. Frogs' legs flesh were delicate & moist;
- Roast pheasant breast with stuffed pheasant leg with fondant potato & leeks. Lovely textures - I normally dread pheasant in the fear that it may turn out too dry or chewy, but this was absolutely perfect. The creamed leeks was delicious - my new favorite vegetable for this season :-)
- Dessert was a blueberry souffle with Granny apple sorbet and blueberry jellies - perfect ending to a satisfying meal.

Can someone tell me why they have this large gold-painted T-Rex skull hovering over a table (in this case - mine) in the dining room? Nice quirky touch though. Lovely restaurant.

L'Escargot Restaurant
48 Greek St, London W1D 4EF, GB

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