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Jan 20, 2012 10:45 AM

Gnocchi roller

I came across this gnocchi roller on the Williams Sonoma website and was wondering if anyone had experience with one:

I love making and eating gnocchi but hate using a fork to make the ridges on them!

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  1. What's wrong with the original gnocchi board design? I have used it and it works great. WS may try, but it can't improve on all gadgets:

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      In Italy we use this to make gnocchi.

    2. Not sure why the objection to using the back of a fork.for this task? Already have them on hand, Readily clean in a dishwasher. Allow individual variation. Cost nothing

      1. I found a hand cranked gnocchi machine at a thrift store this past year. You roll the dough into a 1/2" diameter rope, stick it in, and crank. It was $6, or $7 IIRC.

        1. They are the classic tool for making large numbers of gnocchi and work just fine. The only difference between this design and the design from pdxgastro is that this one comes with a small dowel and has a way to store the dowel in the board. I don't use the dowel for gnocchi but I do sometimes make ridged hand rolled tube pasta and the dowel is critical for those.

          Of course you can use a fork but a board like this works just as easily.

          I also have a cavatelli machine (which is what I am thinking biggundoctor is talking about) which I have only used a few times and mainly for when I'm making for very large crowds. It works really well for that.

          I would imagine you could find them at thrift stores or second hand for less since it is one of those things that people don't know what to do with if you don't make this type of pasta all the time.

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            Thimes, I wish you would create a YouTube of when you use the dowel on the board for making pasta. I just can't picture how it would be used. Also when you make cavatelli :o)

            1. re: pdxgastro

              I'm not sure I'm the Youtube type, but thanks. I do love making pasta.

              The easiest way to use the dowel (or at least the easiest to explain) is for making tube pasta. I essentially cut my sheet of pasta into squares (the size depends on the size of the dowel). Let them dry a little so that they are a little leathery.

              Place the square on the board at essentially a 45 degree angle (you are going to roll from corner to corner - instead of side to side of the square). Place the dowel over the piece of pasta, lift the point of the square, and press and roll the square around the dowel. If the size of the square was right you will end up with the two opposite corners of your square overlapped slightly around the dowel. Sometimes you may need to add a little water to the corner to get them to stick. Then you just slide the tube off the end of the dowel and keep repeating.

              (not my picture but found one on the web to give you an idea of the final shape).

            2. re: thimes

              I got one of those too, the same day I found the gnocchi maker. They were the same price, and looked fun, so I bought them both.