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Jan 20, 2012 10:13 AM

Moe's Southwest Grill coming to Marlboro

My wife saw a sign for this, in the strip mall that was formerly home to Pathmark. It'll be in the store that was formerly a Toys R Us Express (and before that was an ice cream and candy shop).

Yay! Another chain! Note sarcasm.

At least the beef is grass-fed.

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  1. I went once to the one in East Windsor. Nothing at all to even discuss. It was my own fault, I went in with high hopes.

    1. I've never heard of Moe's. I see from their website that they're all over the place, including 17 locations in NJ and -- even more shocking -- one just a few blocks from our Manhattan apartment. Yikes!

      In any case, I take Angelina at her word that it's not worth considering.

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      1. re: RGR

        Well, I know its not up to most of the chowhounders palates here, but for what it is, it is pretty good.

        Compared to the other tex-mex style chains.. my fiancee and I enjoy Moes the most.

        Supposedly, there are no freezers at moes, no microwaves, and they are into the "natural food thing" as much as possible.

        I've gone in sometimes and there is sometimes a slight delay because the protein i chose (chicken, steak, etc) is not done cooking yet.. so at least its not as bad as some places that literally cut open a bag and serve.

        But.. I digress.. back to my plebeian greasy spoon, and cheap liquor cave....

      2. So sorry to hear this. I made the mistake of going to one in Deptford and it was terrible. Rude service, disorganized and dirty. Thought it might be an alternative to a Baja Fresh, but not even close...and I'm not saying Baja Fresh is the best, but at least the food is fresh, and the two locations I have been to have been very clean. My best advice, stay away from Moe's...

        1. I've eaten at hem on occasion and have never been impressed. Forced to go when out on the road.

          1. Issue 1 - No prices on the online menus (Pet Peeve). Issue 2 - The won't admit to serving meat; I find the reference to "Protein" on a menu pretentious and unappealing. Did not read far enough to see if they include lipids and carbohydrates on their menu. A side of Soylent Green maybe?

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              1. re: equal_Mark

                All their entrees are under $10, the one in North Brunswick has a burrito/chips/salsa special on Mondays for $6. The one in North Brunswick is always sending out coupons via text message if you sign up, and corporate has coupons in the weekly circulars on a fairly regular basis.

                1. re: coldsolderjoint

                  I try this place once in an outlet mall in Virginia. It's not great food by any mean but I do remember it was really cheap.
                  The best way to describe this place is somewhere between Taco Bell and Chipotle.

                  1. re: yCf

                    I would say the format (ordering) is pretty much the same as Chipotle, but I happen to like Moe's food, and do not really like Chipotle or Qdoba. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

                    1. re: coldsolderjoint

                      With so many 'nays', I find it hard to 'buy into' your recommendation CSJ. While everyone's hurting financially these days, and one can see it here on the board as to the topics being discussed (many more 'chain' threads), I will opt for a local entrepeneur's establishment (for me Long Branch, or up here at work, Bound Brook - it may not be Tex Mex, but what is Tex Mex anway?????) Give me peasant Mexican and not the 'hybrid'.

                      1. re: JustJake

                        That's fine.. less time to wait in line for me! HAHA :-D I've tried quite a few of the recommended "peasant" Mexican places on this board and I've eaten a limited selection of foods in Mexico on a few vacations, and I'll be honest, I really would prefer the Americanized "Tex-Mex" style of food. But on the other hand, I have doubts that I would enjoy "traditional" Chinese food either. I grew up eating chicken and broccoli from the white take-out containers.. so.. ehh.. free market shall prevail..

                        1. re: coldsolderjoint

                          Which of the "peasant" Mexican places have you dined at? Were there specific issues that would drive tou to the chain places? I like both the authentic family Mexican places like North of the Border and Acapulquenos and the Tex Mex places like Cinco de Mayo (Though I've found the old standards like Juanitos and El Meson to be getting long in the tooth). For Fajitas I still lean towards Casa Comida...

                          1. re: equal_Mark

                            Abbys, tacos no problem, juanitos, a place in south bound brook (forget the name), chilangos, crazy burrito, probably a few others, I'm forgetting about.

                            Although not Mexican, I've been to some small Hispanic restaurants in the somerset and new Brunswick area with co-workers (the lunch special type places), and although most are not bad, I don't find myself going back.

                            I'm not saying I'm "driven" to chains, I'm just saying that Moe's is not your standard chain in my opinion, and I enjoy their food. Just like.. gasp.. every once in a while I get a craving for the chemically taste of pizza hut's deep dish pizza. ("Did he just say that?! we are in NJ for Christs sake!! someone get the stake and fire!")

                            In Fact, My absolutely favorite Tex-mex place is not a Chain. Casa De La Tortilla in Somerset on 27. Its a small family business and is actually run by Asian people. Go figure.

                            In a pinch, Kings Pizza on Veronica and 27 in somerset makes a gyro which was better than most NJ diners.. and it was made by a Hispanic gentleman.. who rolled it tight like a burrito :-D go figure again.. (this was a few years ago when I worked over there, not sure if its still like that).

                            Just like say Mediterranean food, Efe's in NB, Evelyns in NB. While their food is fine, its just not to my tastes, I'd rather stick to a good gyro or souvlaki (Greek). I did really like the Lamb Gyro Pita Sandwich from Troy on 9th and 44th in Manhattan though.. but I'm guessing although the greasy fatty fresh off the spit lamb was doctored up with a more "American Greek" Tzatiki, as it seems like the Turkish/Lebanese sauce is usually like a tahini sauce (not a fan). I've also been to Ibby's Falafel and wasn't loving their food. although there where no notable problems at any of these restaurants, I think it's just my tastes.. and the recipes and flavors I wasn't in love with.

                            I do like trying new places, but don't like to be disappointed, and often there is a trepidation about cultural differences, especially when dining with my finance as she is a lot less adventurous when it comes to food, if there is some "gnarly looking" fat on some chicken breasts, she will through the entire lot out and either cook something else, not eat dinner, or we will order something. Her chicken is cooked till its pretty much hard, all red meat is cooked well well done. Getting her to eat a piece of steak medium well is like torture. LOL. Oh yeah.. after waiting almost 2 hours to try out the new picnic garden BBQ in Edison in the tightly packed lobby, the unmarked raw meat trays caused us to need to walk out.. man.. was I pissed that night. In embarrassment, I left $20 on the table for 2 soda's.

                            But.. we did just discover Bahn Mi's a week or two ago. A year or two of hearing about them on Food Network finally kicked in I guess. And we loved those sandwiches.

                            I think a lot of the time, restaurants sort of portray themselves as the customer is supposed to know what they are to order. And like when I was sort of interviewing the bahn mi guy about the food, she was covering her face in shame. ugh..

                            Take for instance.. Indian food, I've only had a small sample maybe 3 times in my life, and havent found something I like yet. "Yellow" chicken curry from some Bangladeshi guys I work with.. wasn't a fan, and at a former job, there was a pot luck BBQ, the American technicians where bringing hotdogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, etc, and the Indian Developers where bringing their traditional foods. They invited to try as did we, but there wasnt much cross over. I ended up taking what I though was garlic bread, but I later embarasing learn that there was a vegetable paste that was supposed to be spread on that bread. I did take some paste, but once again.. wasn't impressed. If I was to try a sit down Indian restaurant.. I'd need a friend who was well versed to tell me what to try and explain stuff.

                            I've been wanting to try Thai food, as I've heard from here and other places that a lot of it is really good, but once again.. it falls into the same kind of situation as the Indian Food.

                            Some restauranteur/marketing genius should come up with an awesome affordable priced fusion restaurant and sell to Americans like me. I'm sure there are plenty of flavors and dishes that are great.. but people like me and my finance probably won't find them on our own.. I know it's ignorant on my part.. but it is what it is.

                            1. re: coldsolderjoint

                              Moe's is now open in Marlboro. I went today (opening day) with my wife and daughter. Yes, it was crowded.

                              I had a "Close Talker" salad (hold the beans), with steak. It was pretty good. I liked the fact that they'll load it up with all sorts of toppings for free. I didn't like that it came in a flour tortilla shell. The soda fountain was interesting, too, with probably 100 different choices. My kid ate her "cheese gorilla" (quesadilla), which she frequently orders but almost never eats. Wife had nachos.

                              Wish I had discovered the coupons on the tray BEFORE I paid. Oh well, maybe next time.