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Jan 20, 2012 10:11 AM

Looking for Update on Nuevo/Puerto Vallarta Dining Scene

I've read the threads about dining in NV and PV but most of them are several years old and that can be an eternity in the foodie biz...I'm heading there with a group of 6 in two weeks and would greatly appreciate some updated reviews. This is a pretty adventurous crew, so don't hold back!

One specific question: is Teatro Limon worth the $$$

Thanks, Hounds. I really count on you guys!

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  1. You should take another look at this board, the most recent reports are January this year.
    Bruce who owns Teatro Limon has a personality as big as he is. Haven't been there personally but I have heard nothing but excellent reviews that are positive on value for the money.

    1. Any comments/updates on what food you guys had in PV in feb? I'm heading there at the end of the month and am trying to sort through all the recommendations. Thanks!

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        Not too much change in PV restaurants. What you will find is some have closed for the summer like La Cigale, Le Bistro and No Way Jose. A few new restaurants in Fluvial and Nuevo Vallarta. Some like Daiquiri Dick's have special novel summer menus. Information that may be of interest although it's really for locals at