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Looking for Update on Nuevo/Puerto Vallarta Dining Scene

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I've read the threads about dining in NV and PV but most of them are several years old and that can be an eternity in the foodie biz...I'm heading there with a group of 6 in two weeks and would greatly appreciate some updated reviews. This is a pretty adventurous crew, so don't hold back!

One specific question: is Teatro Limon worth the $$$

Thanks, Hounds. I really count on you guys!

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  1. You should take another look at this board, the most recent reports are January this year.
    Bruce who owns Teatro Limon has a personality as big as he is. Haven't been there personally but I have heard nothing but excellent reviews that are positive on value for the money.

    1. Any comments/updates on what food you guys had in PV in feb? I'm heading there at the end of the month and am trying to sort through all the recommendations. Thanks!

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        Not too much change in PV restaurants. What you will find is some have closed for the summer like La Cigale, Le Bistro and No Way Jose. A few new restaurants in Fluvial and Nuevo Vallarta. Some like Daiquiri Dick's have special novel summer menus. Information that may be of interest although it's really for locals at http://www.banderasnews.com/1207/vl-v...