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Jan 20, 2012 09:45 AM

Next weekend in Seattle

Hi all local foodies,

we're coming from Tel Aviv for a very special week in the northwest and will spend Thursday-Saturday in Seattle.
Will be staying at the Inn in the Market and have reserved Lola for lunch on Friday and Book Bindery for dinner, and then Sitka & Spruce for brunch Saturday.
Still have Thursday night free and would love your comments regarding any changes we should make or musts during this short visit.
We love good food and cool places, trendy & classy.

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  1. I'd do breakfast at Lola, but nothng else. I worked a couple of blocks from this resto so had plenty of opporunities to eat there. It is underwhelming.

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      Even breakfast is only fair. And they got "ATtitude"

    2. Guy, Thank you for letting us know where you are coming from, it helps with suggestions. I would substitute Matt's at the Market for Lola at lunch. (I agree with the previous poster.) Lola does serve a good breakfast but don't miss Lowell's breakfast for a true Seattle experience. For your Thursday evening, try Long's Provincial for a chow-edgy menu with excellent seafood.

      1. Is there any particular type of cuisine that wouldn't be available at home that you'd be interested in trying? Seattle has a lot of excellent Vietnamese food, and many good asian options in our International District. I would suggest trying Joule for dinner. The food is excellent and the family style tasting menu is (I feel) a good value for how delicious and unique the food is. It's also consistantly rated as one of the top restaurants in Seattle.

        1. Foodietlv,
          You might do the Coterie room on Thursday night... new in November, and a lovely room and well-regarded menu as reviewed since their opening.
          I personally have not made it in yet, but can vouch for the chef's credibility and creativity. You can find a recent review here by using the search function up to the right.
          Let us know how your trip goes!