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Jan 20, 2012 09:06 AM

Palm Beach County Openings 2012

New in Palm Beach Gardens at PGA Commons East is the Water Bar formerly known as the Oakwood Grill. Same owners.

Still in the 'opening soon' phase in PBG is Rocco's Tacos, also at PGA Commons East.

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  1. Coming to Delray at previous site of "Pineapple Groove" (behind Johnny Brown's, across RR tracks from Bru's).

    “HANGAR 88”. Get ready to experience what is to be the most unique venue in Delray Beach. After several years at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, 88’s Dueling Pianos has relocated to it’s new location in Delray Beach, bringing it’s all request Dueling Piano Show, as well as, Dance Bands, Karaoke, DJ and National Concerts.

    HANGAR 88 is proud to welcome, Manager, Philip Simonetta to the Team. Phil has recently sold his bar and restaurant in Philadelphia Pa and moved here to bring his “Best of Philly” award winning Menu and concepts to beautiful Delray Beach, Florida.

    Please come in to see our state of the art club, we will be serving a unique Lebanese and Italian tapas menu in the near future...


    1. Now open in NPB's Crystal Tree Plaza in former Kubo Asiatic location, which is extremely hidden in the back behind Cod & Capers.

      La Scaletta Ristorante & Pizzeria
      1201 US Highway 1
      North Palm Beach 33408

      1. Not opening but expanding... House of Siam in Delray (just N of The Office).

        They're knocking down the wall to adjacent empty space. Looks like they'll have a long sushi bar in there.

        Should be a good idea, as this new space is much more open to the street and a bit closer to The Ave.

        I could see this becoming a hot spot and drawing people in on busy evenings.

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          That's interesting about House of Siam. I haven't been in a while. I always liked it but my wife hates it so I never get to go.

          On the opening front, I noticed a sign in a window for Papa's Cafe. This was in the small shopping center on 2nd Ave in Pineapple Grove Delray. The shopping center with the small post office, Christines, Mystery Book Store, and Mings Chinese Take out (which is great by the way).

          The restaurant will be next door to Christines and serve spanish food and tapas. In fact, they already have a location in Delray which I tried earlier this week. Their current location is on the south east corner of lake ida and congress. In the center where Galarzas used to be. Which is a terrible shopping center for restaurants since it's primarily offices and hard to see from the street.

          Anyway, I tried their shredded pork lunch special which was outstanding. Nice texture and flavor to the pork also served with sweet plantains and rice and beans. It was a great lunch with large portions. In fact, this lunch could probably easily be split between two people and at $7.95 it was a great deal.

          They also offer paella specials for dinner which looked good but seemed more expensive at a per person price of about $17.

          You can check out their webiste for all the details and menu:

          Also I didn't ask if the lake ida location will be closing when they open up the pineapple grove location. Though that would be my guess.

        2. > Still in the 'opening soon' phase in PBG is Rocco's Tacos, also at PGA Commons East.

          Grand Opening Wed Feb 1, 7PM

          Not sure if this is to general public or just folks on their various lists (which I am).

          1. Gary Rack (Coal Mine Pizza, Table 42, etc) is coming to Delray. At the site of the old VFW hall, between Linda Bean's and Il Bachio (still open? Not sure). This will also be directly across from the new Park Tavern opening this week. Jan Norris reported this way back in October, but "coming soon" signage is now up on the site.

            I don't have any details on the concept yet but he recently mentioned getting into food tavern/gastropubs, without necesarilly naming them that.

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            1. re: CFByrne

              Il Bachio apparently is indeed open, based on an email from a PR firm. They might want to update their website (last "event" I see is some photos from Oct 30), ahd their Facebook pages have been dead for months.

              Meanwhile, a drive-by tonight showed plenty of action at Park Tavern across this street, looked like soft opening or mock service is underway.