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Jan 20, 2012 08:57 AM

50th Birthday Dinner?

Hi all,

Would love your opinions of where to go for my husband's big birthday in two weeks. We love food and wine and are willing to splurge. Is Menton worth it? Is L'Espalier as special as it used to be in its old digs? Is Clio too into foam?


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  1. the top splurge places often raved on CH are:
    Craigie Street Bistrot

    Other worthy splurge spots, per Globe reviews and some CHs :

    If i were doing it, i'd go to OYa or Craigie or Clio.

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      I'm not sure Erbaluce or Scampo qualify as splurge spots. I wouldn't consider the food refined in either place. The Erbaluce space is blah, and Scampo is a loud scene. I can't comment on the others since I don't splurge!

    2. I believe Clio is currently closed for a freshening up renovation, so that might not work on your 2 week timeline.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions!

        1. The best meal I've had in ages was at Bondir, in Cambridge. Absolutely stunning. Can't recommend it enough. I am also a big fan of T. W. Food. Both are smaller, more intimate spaces.

          We also really enjoyed Market at the W, but that was a while ago, so I can't vouch for it as readily.

          1. We had a great meal at Locke-Ober this summer, which is a classic place for a special meal.