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Jan 20, 2012 07:57 AM

Le Fandy - Fair Haven

My wife and I enjoyed a very nice dinner at Le Fandy in Fair Haven last night. We have been wanting to try this spot for over a year and we will certainly be returning.

We started with the seared Fois Gras which was a treat. She enjoyed the perfectly cooked rack of lamb and I had the cassoulet....great on a cold night. Dessert was the molton chocolate cake and the warm bread pudding...which I was glad I was talked into ordering!

While the food was very good, I was pleased that (even on a weeknight when we were only 1 of 2 tables at 7:30 PM) the little things that make dining out enjoyable were perfectly executed. 1. Selection of warm rolls (I had asiago, my wife had 7 grain) 2. Amuse Bouche of date/blue-cheese tart. 3. Quite, appropriate music playing 4. Attentive, knowledgable service that was not overbearing.

We brought a nice bottle of Champagne and were happy to share the remainder of the bottle with the chef after dinner.

We have been hard pressed to find many places in the area that pay attention to these little things that make a difference...we will most certainly be back!

Curious to hear any other recent thoughts on this place.


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  1. One more thought...we were deciding between Belford Bistro and Le Fandy. Curious to hear Hounds thoughts between the two as I would like to try BB next. Thanks.

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      I can't make a comparison between the two as I've never dined at Le Fandy.... However, I can say that the last time I dined at BB my server was chewing gum and was also observed handing another table their glass of soda while holding the glass by its top (imagine a claw stuffed animal machine at the boardwalk and you have the right visual). In addition to the lackluster service the food was mediocre.

    2. This is one of our favorite restaurants! Chef Ong is a superb talent! The halibut is one of my favorite dishes. Glad to hear you had a lovely evening.

      We also like Belford Bistro, but it has been over a year since we were there last, so I can't give too many comments about that place. Although, when we were there we did enjoy the meal very much so. I just HATE the location. It is in the middle of no where!!