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Jan 20, 2012 07:55 AM

How's the food at Saint Bock?

I'm meeting friends there for a beer tonight, and wondering if i should eat before, if their food is any good?

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  1. I have only tried the nachos and found them to be pretty average!

    1. If you want fancy food, it's not the place. They do OK by bar/pub food standards. But the beer is the draw here.

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        Oh, I understand it's pub food and not expecting something great. I'm wondering if it will be okay-good, or just bad. I think I'll risk it, we are meeting pretty early, and it's so cold, I want to keep the walking to a minimum. I'll give their burger a chance...

        Now if only it didn't take forever to get a table at La Paryse, I'd gladly grab a burger there...

      2. I also remember is as pretty standard bar food. The fries were good though.

        1. You guys summed it up pretty well:

          Standard-average bar food, addictive fries, of course very good beer selection. But I'll add that in winter, or at least when it,s as cold as yesterday, almost the front half of the bar is very unpleasant to be in. Whenever the doors were open, we got this arctic draft coming in.