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Smoked turkey tail- and recommendations for ethnic grocery store

wandajune6 Jan 20, 2012 07:22 AM

I recently bought a smoked turkey tail with the idea that I would use it in bean soup instead of a ham hock. It was very cheap and I thought it could be an interesting addition. Now that it's home, I'm realizing that I've never used a ham hock much less a turkey tail.

So- any recommendations on how to use it? Be it for soup or any other purpose?

And, while off-topic, I'd like to ask: if you could buy any (low cost) food item, what would it be? I'm going to Jungle Jim's (www.junglejims.com), Cincinnati's foodie mecca- a grocery store that's at least 2x the size of Costco with foods from all over the world. I'm shopping on a budget but love buying fun, random ingredients to work with. My current list includes French lentils, dried black mushrooms, daikon, bulgogi meat, mushroom extract granules, and frozen artichoke bottoms (all of these, of course, assuming that they aren't $$$).

Any suggestions for fun things to try?

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    acgold7 Jan 20, 2012 10:23 AM

    I love Turkey tails. They're hard to find around here, so when I do I buy as many as I can and I freeze them. For Thanksgiving I always roast up at least a dozen so my MIL and my boys and I don't have to fight over one sad tail that came with the bird.

    But I usually use fresh ones. Be aware that they are almost entirely fat -- this is a good thing -- and they roast up all crispy and explode with flavor when you bite into them if you eat them straight up.

    I've gotten smoked ones a few times. The ones I found were smoked but not thoroughly cooked. Using in a Split Pea or Navy Bean soup would be fine, but as they're so much smaller than a ham hock, I'd suspect just one won't add that much flavor to the soup. When they've been in the pot for a few hours, you could just strip out the bones and chop up what's left and add it back to the soup -- being aware that, again, what's left will be mostly fat and a little skin.

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      wandajune6 Jan 23, 2012 10:29 AM

      Thank you so much for the recommendation! I went back and bought a couple more tails and will troy them into the split pea soup that I'm planning to make tonight.


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