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Jan 20, 2012 04:25 AM


This is cute, clever, and has good recipes. Nice job. This is the caliber of quality. Thank you for "upping your game." ;-).

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  1. Well alkapal, we really enjoyed researching, writing, and testing these recipes in the CHOW test kitchen, so it must show! Thanks for the compliment. And I like the attachment of the ad to your post up there-where did you see it?
    If you make any of the recipes in this story, let us know what you think!

    Amy Wisniewski, CHOW test kitchen

    1. Good recipes. Thanks for pointing them out. I love the different takes on typical game foods. I want those pickled quail eggs.

      1. Those are outstanding recipes.

        I am also glad you posted. More often, Site Talk topics have to do with the stuff that people don't like. The good stuff should get applause so there is more of it.

        Posting about the bad boy articles seems just like paying attention to a kid that is acting up for attention. Maybe if people would do what you did and call attention to the good stuff, there would be lots more of it.

        1. The duck confit is a keeper although I bake, not fry them.

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            Off topic, but I like the (new?) avatar!

          2. I'd like to compliment those who redesigned the header. I've had some time to enjoy the ease of use with the new tabs and concise way one now travels the site, site-wide and I really do enjoy it. Thanks.