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Jan 20, 2012 02:26 AM

Valentine's Day in Calgary

Does anyone know of an interesting and fun restaurant and/or activity for Valentine's Day? Itching to do something different!

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  1. we once got a fabulous boxed dinner from Sunterra Market and then went skating at Olympic Plaza. That was the best V.Day outing . Every year the restaurant experience generally leaves a lot to be desired, except Rouge, in Inglewood. Because of crowded sub-standard Valentines offerings I always cook up a gourmet feast at home. At least I know the food will be good, hot and not stupidly overpriced.

    1. Ohhh.. good post! We usually go opposite of "gourmet" and order takeout....Something different.. maybe Kensignton Wine Market will do a wine class?

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        Or a couple's cooking class at Cookbook's Co?

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. WURST is the epitome of fun in a nice restaurant.
          the restaurant is beautiful, theres trees going through the dining area and they're lit with twinkle lights. And downstairs after dinner you can go in joy they're club scene.

          When I went there last, i didn't enjoy the food so much, but the experience is great. They had german musicians circling the place in traditional german outfits. The place had a great atmosphere.

          You can get fresh pretzels with the meal... that was my fav part of the meal.

          1. You guys have awesome ideas! I made a reservation at WURST for later this week. Apparently, my hubby has some plans for today, so we'll see . . . he isn't usually the planner!