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Jan 19, 2012 11:14 PM

Anyone been to Spicy BBQ recently?

I loved Spicy BBQ when I went, but I've seen much chagrin on this board about their usage of non-dairy creamer instead of coconut milk in their khao soi. Khao soi has become something of an obsession of mine, and while I live the nearby Sri Siam's and I just enjoyed Pailin, I remember like Spicy BBQ's the most. If memory serves me well, it was a huge portion, the sides were particularly good, and I appreciate the usage of bone-in chicken over just last minute drop-in's of chicken breast at other places. Are they still using the creamer? Do they use any coconut milk? And, where else can I get this delicious ambrosia?

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  1. What's great about Pailin as oppose to Spicy BBQ for me is that besides Khao soi the other dishes you have access too are truly excellent. . teh fried skrimp balls, sausages, frog legs, and especially the shrimp noodle hot pot are great.

    1. Besides Pailin's excellent khao soi, check out Darabar's khao soi, and khanom jeen nam ngiao. The restaurant's chef's a Northern Thai mom. Google it.

      Pailin / Darabar is holding down the Northern Thai scene in LA in a big, big way. Further bonus points to Darabar: full liquor license with bottle storage. Yah....

      (edit: wtf the OP is almost a year old. der)

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        Khao soi is my favoritest thing in LA! (well, after the ab goosht at Attari on Friday's.) Thanks for the updates. I will check out this Darabar. .

      2. Funny, I was just looking into these khao soi places yesterday. Thanks for the updates all.

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            I'm new to the area (SGV) so I'm afraid I'm not much help -- my best find thus far has been Chicky BBQ in Duarte, 100% delicious Indonesian food.

        1. I just Yelped it (I know, but if it was typed in, it came up) and you seem to have many choices of places that serve khao soi that you can try. If they taste good, though, is up to you!

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            Swede, this is the greatest thing one human has ever done for another. Thank you.