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Jan 19, 2012 08:16 PM

Ulster Fry

Looking for a place that does a good fry-up in or near the Philly area. Actually, ANY good Irish food would be appreciated. We are coming up from Wilmington, Delaware.


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  1. I won't broach the issue of the differences between a Ulster Fry Up a Full English and a Full Scottish Breakfast.... I would say that the place that does a bang up job is Dandelion pub. Food is great, atmosphere a bit ersatz.

    Dark Horse Pub, and Plough and Stars both do a decent traditional full Irish. I enjoy the Dark Horse early on a Saturday when there is a football match on.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      Please, broach away! My understanding wrt an Ulster Fry v. a Fry up is that there are potato farls in the Ulster Fry rather than toast. I've never had a full Scottish breakfast. Would love to try one. :-)
      Thanks for the recommendations, where are the Dandelion and the Dark Horse pubs?

      1. re: sdr19899

        Dark Horse is on 2nd street between Pine and South, Dandelion is 18th and (I think) Sansom

      2. re: cwdonald

        Black Sheep has it too, but I haven't had it.

        1. I haven't been but there is the Irish Times at 2nd and Bainbridge

          1. Thanks for all of the feedback. There are some great places to explore and my friend is "over the moon" with excitement.

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              Another vote for the Irish Coffee Shop in UD - loooove the potato scones (farl). Wash it all down with an Irn Bru. Not much to look at inside. And I was not at all impressed wih Dandelion - Maggie O'Neils in DH is better. PS - I was born in Scotland :)

            2. I studied abroad in Belfast, and lived on a hall with a gang of mixed-religion Northern Irish guys - the Catholics mockingly insisted we call this an "Occupied Six Counties Fry." Good times. I wonder if there's a place in the area to buy potato farls, as well?