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Jan 19, 2012 08:12 PM

Homemade Mustard - Worth it?

I will be making pretzels soon. I expect to be making these on and off for the next few months (my husband LOVES pretzels, but I've had limited success in making them in the past - they're my new planned conquest). My husband also LOVES mustard, and horseradish even more. I am happy to make my own mustard if I can find a recipe that will combine it and horseradish, and a standard recipe if it truly has a comparative advantage over storebought mustards. If homemade is SO MUCH BETTER in all or most cases, I will happily spend time time and effort making it. But if my likelihood of making something that all or most people will like (hubby is also quite picky, and I hate spending time making something that I would have liked better if I bought it) is low, then I would rather just go buy expensive boutique mustards at my local whole foods or similar.

So..... Do you have epic recipes for mustard (preferably including horseradish of some sort), or suggestions for great brands or types of mustards that I should be looking at? We go through lots of mustard in our house and if we found something that I made that was good, I'd love it. My husband LOVES my homemade bacon and sneers when people offer him "store bacon." It's cute and flattering, albeit a little elitist at times.

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  1. Yes, I'd say it is worth it. I recently (for the first time) made two types of mustard from an article in the LA Times. Sorry, I'm on my work computer w/o my usual links or I'd bring it up. Neither recipe included horseradish but both were very good and unique. Also, neither one was terribly time consuming or expensive, though I did need to trek to an indian grocery for large quantities of brown and yellow mustard seeds.

    So go for it. I'd love to try a horseradish mustard too if anyone coughs up a good recipe.

    1. Is it worth it?

      I think your post pretty much sums it up - you gotta try and see for yourself. Theres loads of articles on how easy it is to make with plenty of varieties including horseradish based.

      With that said, I went on a mustard making kick last year. Some were very good, others not so much. Could I have perfected a recipe(s) that suited me perfectly? Probably. Its just that my interest waned quickly. For me, making mustard just wasn't that rewarding (I've been make my own sausage, and some charcuterie all to great satisfaction for 20 years).

      So yeah, definitely try it. Google a bit and you'll find lots of stuff. Maybe you'll have a new hobby and trade!

      1. Made this back in the day when the only Dijon mustard in the store was imported from France.

        Coleman's dry mustard, grated onion, Rhone white wine simmered on stove. Use mustard to thicken, not flour. Add white wine vinegar near end of the simmering. Never added salt or sugar. Sorry that I don't have portions, but the 3X5 card is buried in storage.

        This was when a jar of French's was less than 50 cents and Dijon was a couple of bucks in stoneware with wax seals. Made it for the fun of it, as well.

        1. Yes it is worth it. I asked myself the same thing a few months ago. The ingredients are inexpensive and the process is easy, just takes a little patience. Here is my thread which includes ideas and recipes.

          1. Almost no time or money involved. Give it s try!